Kick charge your sales and earn commission with the Scenic Group when you watch our series of five fifteen-minute high-intensity training sessions.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Power through all five trainings in under 2 hours!

Welcome to the warm up.

Who's on board?
This first video introduces the Scenic guest versus the Emerald Cruises guest so you can match your client to the perfect value-added experience they desire from their small ship river cruise vacation. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the core strengths of our brands.

In the second training, you’ll be ready to jump two feet ahead into Emerald Cruises’ unique selling features and new product enhancements.

2022 Strength Training: Emerald Cruises

Time to bulk up your Emerald Cruises knowledge by delving into what’s new in 2022. We’ve got a great superset lined up for the second session – you’ll learn how to prime the complete package for clients with pre- and post-cruise city stays, paired with new beverage packages that will power up your sales and boost your commissions.

Keep flexing those sales muscles!

2022 Strength Training: Scenic Luxury River Cruising

Get ready for some serious gains on the Scenic strength-training circuit in video three! We’ll start with itinerary agility training and learn about some exciting changes. Then we’ll amp things up with what’s new for 2022 from Private Transfers and Enrichment Manager, and do a little heavy lifting with riveting new itineraries. The “It’s more than a five-star river cruise...” theme makes for a killer finisher, leaving you fully fit to sell the Scenic Difference and its signature on board luxury and truly all-inclusive philosophy to your clients.

Stay strong team, we’ve passed the halfway point!

Destination Dive: Emerald Cruises' River Cruising

In training video four, we’ll hit the ground running as we jog through Emerald Cruises’ exciting destinations in detail. Once you’re warmed up, we’ve got some isolation exercises for the Rhine and Danube that’ll give you strong knowledge of their differences and leaving you in top shape to sell these itineraries.

Next up are some compound moves for the South of France. Learning this itinerary’s unique active excursion works up an appetite for the special Chef Fabien dinner included on this delicious journey. Then it’s smooth sailing with some seamlessly created and unique Epic Voyages insight as we cool it right down.

Now you’re ready to load up your commissions barbell with some heavyweight Emerald Cruises sales.

Destination Dive: Scenic River Cruising

You made it – the final session!

In video five, we go all out with a full body Scenic circuit and some deep river-itinerary muscle work. Grab your favourite pre-workout drink and get ready to jump into little-known facts, add-on options, and more. We’ll make sure you’ve got the perfect form to convert your leads quickly and confidently.

You’ll gain some killer tips to amp up your revenues in this well-rounded workout designed to arm you with destination knowledge and the handcrafted extras only Scenic can deliver to your clients. Did you know you can book cruise combinations for travellers looking for longer and unique itineraries? Your clients want these longer journeys, and they’re a great revenue source for you.

Congratulations on reaching the finish line. Now you're ready to accelerate your sales with the Scenic Group!

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