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Discover Antarctica

Remote, pristine, and undeniably beautiful

Explore the final frontier of Antarctica in ultimate six-star luxury, on the Scenic Eclipse—the World’s First Discovery Yacht. Experience every breathtaking wonder as you forge a voyage through the South Polar region, with unique, innovative and exciting itineraries that include Ultimate Antarctica; and Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Luxury is in the detail. Experience the rare and precious event of a pristine winter wonderland in Antarctica; land on an ice floe amidst the breathtaking icebergs and abundance of stunning wildlife. Explore this icy wonderland at the base of the world via Zodiac, kayak, helicopter, and even submarine—fly high above the Antarctica ice shelf; watch humpback whales and Orcas breach the ocean surface together; sink beneath the surface to watch seals and whales at play.

Scenic Eclipse takes you through the Southern Ocean’s sparkling South Georgia and Falkland Islands, among of the most unique and biodiverse environments on Earth, at a time of year that teems with wildlife. Follow the majestic albatross in flight; stand among King and Rockhopper penguins as far as the eye can see; and marvel at the miraculous sight of a shoreline filled with thousands of basking, exotic wildlife fur seals that inhabit this undeniably beautiful continent.

With Scenic Eclipse, all of Antarctica’s pristine beauty, captivating wildlife, and inestimable environmental and historical value are yours to discover.

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?


Lands of pristine beauty, breathtaking wildlife, and inestimable importance in an environmental and historical sense, travelling to the base of the globe is long-held dream for most people.

Discover the world with Scenic Eclipse 

All the compass points

From the tip of the world to the pristine raw beauty of Antarctica and everything in between. Explore the Mediterranean or sultry Cuba, wonder at the majesty of the Arctic and be awestruck by Antarctica - we'll eclipse all your expectations. 

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