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Arctic & The Fjords

Spectacular Scenery & Vibrant Culture

Discover the awe-inspiring Arctic Ocean and stunning Norwegian Fjords in ultimate six-star luxury on the Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht. Witness the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights, the stunning wildlife and Arctic icescapes around Spitzbergen and Svalbard, and the majesty of Norway’s fjords. Voyage in the footsteps of the greatest explorers in history to the top of the world, a place of incredible sights and soul-stirring inspiration.

Experience the true north on the Scenic Eclipse at the height of an Arctic summer, a wildlife and nature-lover’s dream. Explore the splendid Spitzbergen and Svalbard archipelago by zodiac, kayak or submarine—towering icebergs, rugged glaciers, frozen tundra and rare Arctic wildlife in abundance. Come eye-to-eye with a swimming polar bear or a basking walrus, or witness kittiwakes, Arctic foxes and more, in their natural habitat.

Explore the breathtaking beauty of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Norwegian Fjords. Zodiac through the magnificent Sognefjord; soar in a helicopter above the stunning peaks of the Lofoten Islands, or plunge below the waters to witness awe-inspiring marine life. Ride an e-bike through a herd of reindeer, roaming free through the streets of Hammerfest—exclusively on the Scenic Eclipse, the only luxury cruise itinerary to include this quaint, northernmost Norwegian town. Learn firsthand the rich Viking history of this land of the midnight sun.

With Scenic Eclipse, authentically discover the spectacular scenery, vibrant wildlife and deep cultural heritage of the Arctic Ocean and Norwegian Fjords—as they are truly meant to be experienced.

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Arctic and the Fjords

Arctic - Head into the deep north and let your soul fly free. We'll take care of all the equipment and protective gear, all you'll need is yearning for incredible sights and a sense of adventure. The Norwegian Fjords -There is no landscape on Earth that has conjured up some drama and poetry than the spectacular Fjords.

Arctic & The Fjords Cruises

Arctic & The Fjords

Iceland Discovery

10 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
Learn all about the local mythical and mysterious tales, discover volcanoes and thermal spas and more on this 10 day cruise around beautiful Iceland.
from $12,185

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from $12,380

Ultimate Arctic

11 days
Longyearbyen > Longyearbyen
Enjoy the endless summer days, try to spot Polar bears and discover the northernmost islands on this 11 day discovery cruise in the Arctic circle.
from $15,940

Discover the world with Scenic Eclipse 

All the compass points

From the tip of the world to the pristine raw beauty of Antarctica and everything in between. Explore the Mediterranean or sultry Cuba, wonder at the majesty of the Arctic and be awestruck by Antarctica - we'll eclipse all your expectations. 

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