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The America's

Pristine, clear water and white sand beaches.

Fall in love at first sight with the natural beauty and vibrant cultures of Central and South America—discover these magical moments on the Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht.

Your voyage of wondrous discovery takes you right through one of the world’s engineering marvels, the Panama Canal, in broad daylight. Cruise on to underwater excursions beneath the unspoilt Blas Islands off the Panama coast. Visit historic, exotic Colombia with its unspoilt offshore archipelago; soar above the breathtaking Chilean fjords, and adventure amid the rugged beauty and spectacular wildlife of the remote Falkland Islands.


Fly over the exotic Panamanian islands and jungle, and be greeted by the Guna, the indigenous people of Panama and Columbia. Explore by submarine the unique marine and bird life of Isla de la Plata, Ecuador’s “mini Galapagos”; hike the jungles of Darien National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and venture up the Mogue River on the traditional boats of the Embera people. Zodiac right up to the extraordinary Bruggen Glacier, also known as Pio Xl Glacier in Southern Chile, the largest Western outflow from Patagonia; and explore the beautiful, World Heritage-listed Chilean port of Valparaiso on our e-bikes.

From perfectly preserved historical cities, to the soaring majesty of towering glaciers, epic mountain ranges and breathtakingly remote nature sanctuaries teeming with exotic wildlife—experience some of life’s greatest, most unique discoveries in the Americas, with Scenic Eclipse.

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

America, Cuba and The Caribbean

Sit back and enjoy being on one of the world's great cruises through one of the most spectacular places on Earth.



White sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars, salsa and rum. The Cuba of your imagination is alive and well. Hop inside a well preserved 1950s car and get to know the true spirit of Cuba, even get to know the locals. Spend time along the vibrant coastline, explore untouched national parks and venture out into the pristine waters. Cuba is a country unlike any other, one that will fill your soul and gladden your heart with its zest for life.


The climate is perfect, the water is perfect, the islands are … perfect. No matter which island you happen to find yourself on, from the Caymans to Jamaica, even the hidden island gems off the coast of Colombia, every moment will be a revelation. Rich with history, swarming with ribald tales of pirates and treasure and inhabited by a host of welcoming people, you’ll love your time in the Caribbean.

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