Q. What is the new date and destination of the Scenic Eclipse first sailing?

A. The inaugural sailing of Scenic Eclipse will now be August 15, 2019 on the Iceland & Atlantic Canada cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec.

Q. Can you guarantee that if I re-book that my next Eclipse voyage won’t be cancelled?

A. In a very positive development for the Scenic Eclipse build and the Uljanik Group, a consortium comprised of the Croatian DIV group and Italian Shipyard Fincantieri was confirmed on February 7 as the new owner of Uljanik. Accordingly, Scenic is confident that these new owners will bring stability and focus to current and future ship builds.

Accordingly, the Scenic Group has signed a letter of intent with the new consortium that will lead the shipyard to set up a new Discovery Yacht division within the restructured Uljanik group. This new joint venture will be fully focused on completing Scenic Eclipse and on expediting the build of the second Scenic Eclipse.

Q. How do we contact you in regards to our sailing?

A. We have set up a dedicated phone number and email address so affected guests can contact us directly. Our phone number is 1 888 235 1838 and email address is Our call center is open from 9am to 8pm Eastern Time Mon - Fri and 9am to 7pm Eastern Time on Saturday. At times of high call volumes, you will have the option of requesting us to call you back, or to contact us by email.

Q. How do I apply for my refund?

A. For bookings made through your travel agent, we will email your agent with a request form requesting the correct name and details that a cheque may be issued to. For guests who have booked directly with us, we will call and email you with a request for details on the correct name and details so that a check may be issued and sent to you. Once we receive the instructions from you or your travel agent, we will process the refund by issuing a cheque and arranging for delivery.

 Q. What does third party costs mean?

A. We will assess any third-party costs that you have incurred due to the cancellation of your Scenic Eclipse voyage. These may be airline change fees for changing or cancelling your booked flights, pre-booked accommodation cancellation fees or other touring that you had already secured and will now not undertake. Third party costs will not include the costs for new bookings that you may subsequently make.

 Q. Will you cover my travel insurance policy costs?

A. Unused Travel Insurance policies may be able to be refunded by your provider; if there is a policy cancellation fee we will also provide reimbursement for that fee. We are unfortunately unable to provide any refund for insurance that was provided as a supplementary service such as a policy provided by your credit card company.

Q. What products does the future cruise discount apply to?

A. The future cruise discount is available to be used on any new Scenic Eclipse voyage sailing until September 2021 or any Scenic Europe River Cruise departing prior to December 2020 or Asian River Cruise departing prior to May 2020. To assist you with considering the use of your discount it is best that we discuss the options with you or your travel agent. 

 Q. When do I need to use my discount by?

A. Guests will be asked to make their new booking by November 30, 2019 to be eligible for the discounts on offer.