Black Sea Cruising

“I go again to the sea and converse with Ovid whose verses like the Romanian coast roll along so wide and subdued” Marin Sorescu, Romanian poet

ship on the water

The Sights on the Black Sea

Formed approximately 22,000 years ago by the overflowing of the Mediterranean into a freshwater lake, the Black Sea is now home to a variety of wildlife and sets the scene for many picturesque seaside settlements. With us you will explore the Danube Delta by boat, visit Bulgaria’s Varna and Nessebar and explore the jewels of Turkey.

Encountering pelicans, dolphins and fish and exploring notable sites in Bulgaria and Turkey are several highlights of our itineraries in the Black Sea region.

After sailing down the Danube on board one of our luxurious ‘Space-Ships’, guests can look forward to embarking on a smaller boat bound for the Danube Delta. Along the way, you will discover Europe’s largest white pelican colony (weather permitting) and pass through the passage of St. George. The increasing volume of bird calls will herald your arrival to the delta, a hospitable habitat for over 300 species of birds and a flourishing ecology for other animals.

The Bulgarian seaside cities of Varna and Nessebar are also available for guests to explore on several Black Sea itineraries. Varna, a bustling city featuring a delightful fusion of old and new architecture, is a popular resort destination on the Black Sea, while World-heritage listed Nessebar, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, is an open-air museum of Thracian, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisation.

Further south, guests can look forward to discovering Turkey’s extraordinary capital, Istanbul. Linked to the Black Sea by the Bosphorous, this city boasts majestic mosques, opulent palaces, one of the world’s oldest markets and the fascinating Hagia Sophia. Having served as the capital of four empires, the city is an unrivalled destination for enthusiasts of history, religion and architecture.

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