Marksburg Castle

marksburg castle

Step back in time on a Scenic Rhine River Cruise

The 11th-century middle ages fortress known as Marksburg Castle sits high above the town of Braubach in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. This unique castle was never used for a royal family residence, but was constructed to protect the town of Braubach. Marksburg Castle has an intriguing and rich history. During the Napoleonic era, Marksburg Castle was used as a prison. During 1900, Marksburg Castle's ownership was transferred to the German Castle Association, a private organisation dedicated to preserving Germany's castles. Nestled amongst one of the principal sites of the World Heritage Rhine Gorge, Marksburg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During your Marksburg Castle tour, you'll travel back in time to the Middle Ages as your walking tour views the chapel, armoury, kitchen, great hall, wine cellar and battlements.


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