Scenic Enrich in South East Asia

It's more than special events. It's enriching cultural experiences exclusive to Scenic.

All-inclusive, exclusive, unique. Our Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of diverse moments that will become highlights of your Mekong river cruise.
We’ll take you off-the-beaten-track to some of the world's most spectacular monuments. Scenic will amaze and delight you during exclusive dinners and open doors inaccessible to others, to provide an authentic look at local life on the shores and surrounds of the meandering Mekong River. 

Reserved for Scenic guests, these sensory encounters take you to the heart of South East Asia. Elevate your cultural discoveries to the realms of ancient kingdoms, sacred practices, fable and folklore. 

Temple Gala Dinner, Siem Reap

Under the glow of candlelight and an illuminated temple, Scenic guests are transported to ancient times. The mystical themed Gala Dinner at Prasat Kravan, a small 10th century temple in the city of Angkor, the former capital of the Khmer empire in the early 12th century, includes a three-course meal of traditional Khmer cuisine with free-flowing drinks and a magical performance with Apsara dancers. The temples of Angkor can be explored in a number of ways, but this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime event for just 68 Scenic guests, is a memory you’ll likely
treasure forever.

Receive a blessing from a monk

A monk blessing is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years in Cambodia. Scenic guests will receive a blessing from a monk at a Buddhist pagoda in Cambodia as part of a special Scenic Enrich experience. The small and calming ceremony aims to protect you. Included is an alms ceremony, which contributes to the daily meal of the resident monks.

VIP Seats at Phare

This is more than just a circus. Phare performers tell uniquely Cambodian stories through theatrics, music, dance and modern circus arts. A performance with a positive social impact, Phare was founded to help vulnerable young people build careers in the arts and engage in education. It also supports a growing arts scene in Cambodia. So, take your Premium Reserved seat and revel in the joy that is Phare.

Phnom Penh by City Lights

Exclusive to Scenic is the Phnom Penh by City Lights Scenic Enrich experience. Scenic guests will explore the illuminated city by remork (tuk tuk), passing iconic locations such as Wat Phnom, Royal Palace and Independence Monument. The tour ends in true Scenic style at a distillery for an exclusive tour and rum tasting behind closed doors.

Support an NGO at sunrise

Watching the sun rise over magnificent Angkor Wat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience most travellers to Cambodia enjoy. Scenic takes this one step further, however, as guests marvel at this wonder before heading to an exclusive location for a champagne breakfast with baked delights prepared by students at a local NGO supported bakery school.

Water Puppets Backstage Pass

Hanoi’s iconic Water Puppet performance originated from the Red River Delta of Vietnam’s north in the tenth century when farmers would gather to perform and relax in the flooded rice fields. They believed that spirits controlled all aspects of their life, including the rice paddies, so the farmers devised a form of entertainment and worship to satisfy these spirits. The water was an excellent medium for puppetry as it concealed the puppeteers’ rod and string mechanisms and provided exciting effects like splashes. After attending a performance of Hanoi’s famous Water Puppets, learn the secrets behind this illusionary show thanks to your special Scenic backstage pass.

Baci Ceremony, Luang Prabang

Be immersed in Laotian spirituality during a traditional Baci ceremony, one of the most important customs of this culture. Meaning ‘calling of the soul’, this centuries-old ceremony is performed for special occasions and to maintain balance and promote harmony within the body. A white thread is considered the symbol of the Baci ceremony and is tied to the right hand, to bring luck and happiness. It should not be cut for at least three days.

Our guests' stories

"Experienced the most amazing sights and created lots of memories and friends. Absolute perfection."

Aidan M. - Scenic Guest, Australia

"Truly spectacular night at Kravan Temple in Siem Reap . . . only for guests of Scenic. Memory of a lifetime."

Robert L. - Scenic Guest, United States

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