Irrawaddy River Cruising

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The riches of the Irrawaddy river

Flowing north to south from its source high in the Himalayas, the Irrawaddy River is the lifeblood of Myanmar. Stretching across the country towards the Indian Ocean, the river has long been a source of inspiration for travellers, artists and poets alike.

A journey along the Irrawaddy is the perfect way to reveal Myanmar's hidden treasures - its people and culture - which for years were only known to the most intrepid of travellers. Embark on a voyage of discovery and allow yourself to be enthralled by the country's many charms.

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Why cruise the Irrawaddy river with Scenic?

Scenic is the only cruise company in Asia, that designs, builds, owns and operates to European safety standards. Our locally based and operated Scenic offices provide on the ground support to our hand selected crew, ensuring they can go above and beyond to make your experience unforgettable.

Our ships on the Mekong and the Irrawaddy rivers feature the highest space per person in our lead-in suites and a range of exclusive amenities throughout, setting the benchmark in 5-star luxury cruising in the region.

Irrawaddy river cruises