Volga River Cruises

“Oh, you, Volga, mother river, Mighty stream so deep and wide…” Traditional Russian folk song (Song of the Volga Boatmen)

Volga river

Riches of the Russian rivers

Russia’s landscapes are vast and magnificent and the same can be said of its waterways

The nation is home to Europe’s longest river, the Volga, as well as the continent’s largest lake, Lake Ladoga. But it is not only the size of the rivers that will impress; it is also their dazzling majesty.

In St. Petersburg, the Neva River completes the fairy-tale scenes of splendour, flowing past palaces and charming bridges, while in the capital, the Moscow River drifts past the mighty Kremlin and towering Soviet skyscrapers. Join us on our boutique small ship, the Scenic Tsar, as we sail through both of these glorious cities, discovering the jewels of the Russian countryside along the way.

Each river in our Russia waterways cruise itineraries take you deeper into Russia’s soul. From the banks of the Moscow River to the Volga and Neva, the waterways act as a gateway to Russia’s unique history, architecture and culture.


With sailings from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and a choice of inverting the itinerary, you will discover many of Russia’s famous sites. Sailing along the Moscow River to the Volga, you will pass glittering gold onion-domed cathedrals, the walls of the Kremlin and the narrow Moscow Canal.

Upon passing the Moscow Canal, you will enter the river considered Russia’s national river, the famed Volga. Along its banks you will explore the 10th century city Uglich, the World Heritage Sites in Yaroslavl and Goritsy’s grand Kirillo-Belozersky monastery.

As you approach St. Petersburg, prepare yourself for sights of rare Russian architecture. In Lake Onega lies Kizhi Island, where you will observe the 22 timbered onion domes of the remarkable Church of Transfiguration, while on the banks of the Svir River you will explore the reconstructed museum village Mandrogi.

After passing through Lake Ladoga, you will enter the Neva River, which will take you to spectacular St. Petersburg. As you sail beneath some of the city’s 400 bridges and pass the elaborately designed Winter Palace, you will soon understand why the city has been honoured with the label ‘Venice of the North.’

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