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Step back in time to the cradle of civilization and explore the Land of the Pharaohs with its colorful hieroglyphics and 4,500-year-old pyramids; stand in awe before the staggering natural and ancient wonders of the Kingdom of Jordan; or embark on one of life’s greatest journeys, traversing the African continent and on to Jordan. Discover and dream where it all began.
Stories of the past marked out by colourful hieroglyphics, a scattering of iconic pyramids and sandy dunes as far as the eye can see, take the Scenic route through Egypt and Jordan as the allure of times lost long ago beckons, where natural wonder, iconic ancient cultures and world heritage sites are yours to explore. 

At Scenic, we carefully handpick each and every unforgettable experience to ensure that our innovative itineraries continue to set the standard for luxury touring. 

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Luxury Inclusions 

With Scenic, the perks and privileges come included. Enjoy a full range of luxurious benefits that will enhance your experience throughout your journey.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Our seasoned Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of unique experiences that will be among the highlights of your journey.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    Whether you’d like to explore the world’s oldest pyramids or witness underwater wonders in the Red Sea, Scenic Freechoice offers you a range of all-inclusive activities to choose from, at whatever pace suits you.
  • World-Class Hotels
    Our hotels are selected on more than reputation alone, rather on a combination of location, character and ambience.
  • Cruising
    In Egypt you’ll spend three of four nights cruising the Nile in style on board the exclusively chartered and fully refurbished Sanctuary Sun Boat III.
  • Local Knowledge
    Enjoy the intimacy of fully escorted small group touring with your knowledgeable local guides and expert Tour Directors.
  • The Nth Degree
    We've thought about the details so you don't have to, from personal airport transfers, first-class transport and local guides. All tips and gratuities are included.

Extraordinary Experiences

We have carefully curated a series of unique and exclusive experiences that will make your time in Egypt and Jordan truly unforgettable.
Our Scenic Enrich experiences are all-inclusive and exclusive, having been selected to take you behind the scenes for encounters that are simply inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, while still being included in the price you pay. Our Scenic Freechoice daily excursions will enable you to uncover the secrets that Egypt harbours with the help of our expert guides, where you are free to explore areas of natural wonder and step back in time to the cradle of civilization. 

Here is a small selection of the Scenic Enrich, Scenic Freechoice and other activities that we feature in Egypt and Jordan:

Scenic Enrich

  • Watch the glorious sun set and picture yourself as Agatha Christie as you sample delicious Mediterranean cuisine in Aswan.
  • Relax in the gardens of the Sofitel Winter Palace in Luxor and indulge in a barbeque dinner Egyptian style.
  • Witness the vivid and dramatic colours of the desert at sunset over a refreshing drink in Wadi Rum.

Scenic Freechoice

  • Explore the ancient burial ground of Saqqara and view the world’s oldest standing pyramid, built some 4,500 years ago.
  • Enjoy an insightful excursion to the old Egyptian Museum and see the exhibit of Royal Mummies
  • Get up-close-and-personal with the world-famous Red Sea by snorkelling among its colourful coral reefs.

Travel tailored to you

We don’t want you to miss a minute of the fascinating scenery as you cruise the majestic Nile River on board our exclusive charter, Sanctuary Sun Boat III.
Catering to just 36 guests, every cabin is tastefully appointed and features a window onto the world for every guest. On board your recently refurbished boutique Nile cruiser, luxury awaits. Modelled on the opulent era of the 20s and 30s, style and refinement are reflected throughout.  As you drift languorously past the ancient wonders along the shores of the Nile, there’ll be breathtaking monuments – and moments – around every bend.
  • Airlines you can count on
    Flexibility is key when it comes to travel arrangements, which is why we offer a choice of flights through a range of established airlines. We only use the best airlines to ensure your journey is stress-free. Departing from a number of airports, we aim to provide a seamless journey that is one of complete luxury and comfort.
  • Local knowledge
    We use knowledgeable local guides, experts and Scenic tour directors across all of our escorted tours because we truly believe that nobody knows an area as well as someone who calls it home. Make the most out of the knowledge that these people harbour as they introduce you to each spectacular destination and experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cultures that surround you.
  • The personal touch
    Travel in small groups with a maximum of 36 guests, and enjoy an intimate experience. We will personally greet you at the airport and arrange your transport to your hotel when you arrive in Egypt or Jordan. And, at the end of your journey with us, we will transfer you to the airport and make sure that your return journey is just as luxurious as your arrival.
  • Travel in style
    During your time among the historic relics of Egypt and Jordan, your transport will be in First Class or luxury standard. This includes special luxury coaches. Likewise, no effort has been spared to ensure that the best touring options are available to you as you travel through these countries.