Scenic Freechoice Middle East

It’s more than just interesting included excursions. It’s days exploring to your tastes and pace. Scenic Freechoice allows you to personalise your journey and pursue your own interests in a way that suits you. Whether you’re interested in tasting local fare, experiencing unique local culture or learning about the region’s multifaceted history, our comprehensive range of Scenic Freechoice activities offers something for everyone.
Discover Historic Cairo and the famed Museum of Islamic Art or witness the significant sites of Coptic faith in Old Cairo. Explore ancient Roman ruins in Amman and be rewarded with sweeping views from Citadel Hill. Connect with one of the oldest civilisations on a guided tour to a Nubian Village, learning about life on the Nile, or discover Jordan’s unique wine making heritage whilst sampling this yourself. Scenic Freechoice offers you a range of all-inclusive activities to choose from, at a pace that suits you. And, of course, it’s all included.
Nilometer in Cairo

Roda Island - NEW

Activity level: Relaxesd

Start your exploration of Roda Island, situated in the heart of Cairo, with a visit to one of the last existing Nilometers which was erected in the 9th century. The Manial Palace Museum and Garden of Prince Muhammad Ali exhibits an important period in the history of modern Egypt.

Calligraphy in Cairo Egypt

Historic Cairo

Activity level: Relaxed

Experience Jordan’s wine heritage and discover the handpicked grape varieties produced from one of the most distinctive terroir in the world, the basalt desert of Jordan. Included on this Wine tasting experience are Classic, Reserve & Limited Edition Wines.

Hercules Temple in Jordan

Nubian Village

Activity level: Relaxed
Israel has a long history of wine production dating back to the time of the Bible and continuing to modern day. Visit Flam Winery, a family run boutique winery located at the heart of the Judean Hills and indulge in a wine tasting experience served with artisanal cheese and breads.