Portugal Freechoice

Whether you want a relaxed pace or you want to fit in as much as possible, Scenic Freechoice offers a diverse range of sightseeing, activities and dining for you to choose from. And of course, they’re all included. 
All our guests are unique so we appreciate that different people may want different levels of pace during your trip. Perhaps plan to follow a busy day with one at a more relaxed tempo or know you can truly unwind throughout. We’ve divided our extensive list of Freechoice excursions into Active, Moderate and Relaxed pace so you can choose those which best suit your requirements and interests. 

Guided tour of Lamego

3.5 hours - Activity Level: Moderate
Tour the elegant town of Lamego, with its many fine Baroque structures. Your tour will culminate at the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, standing gracefully overlooking the town. The front of the cathedral is lined by a zigzagged stair case decorated in traditional blue and white tiled mosaics leading down to the town centre.
Coa valley

Tastes of the Côa Valley

3.5 hours - Activity Level: Relaxed
Join the Tastes of the Côa Valley excursion and visit Casa Painova for a sweet almond workshop and a tasting of their almond, olive and fruit products.
mateus palace

Mateus Palace

2.5 hours - Activity Level: Relaxed
Enjoy a guided visit of Mateus Palace, the historic icon depicted on the labels of Portugal’s famous Mateus rose wine. Following your tour of the palace stroll the magnificent gardens of this splendid estate, see the beautiful landscaped gardens dotted with impressive statues and stunning reflective ponds.