A Remarkable 24 Hours in Antarctica with Scenic Eclipse

Pristine beauty and breathtaking wildlife are just part of the magic of Antarctica. On board Scenic Eclipse, it’s knowing that each day is going to be truly unique. 
It’s the moments that take your breath away that are remembered for a lifetime. On a Scenic Eclipse Expedition Voyage in Antarctica, every day is filled with extraordinary experiences. Kayaking past glaciers that rise into vivid blue skies, discovering wonderful wildlife and watching magnificent sunsets from your luxuriously appointed suite.  
Scenic Eclipse is the only ship in Antarctica to combine 6-star ultra-luxury with state-of-the-art technology. You can indulge in unparalleled luxury as the World’s First Discovery Yacht seamlessly sails into the most remote wonders of Antarctica.   


Wake to the whisper of Scenic Eclipse, its hull gently peppered by ice floes enticing you from your cosy Scenic Slumber Bed. At the suite’s floor to ceiling window, catch your breath at the stunning views, as your butler serves a coffee of your choice. Take in the early morning sunlight illuminating ice-clad mountains that soar above. 
SE Owners Penthouse Suite Deck Antarctica


Awake to a delicious breakfast served on your balcony. Buttery croissants that have been freshly prepared by our world-class chefs, and fresh fruit and a zesty glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. After breakfast, it’s time to put on your complimentary polar parka and proceed to the Discovery Centre where  your insulated boots await. Join your group at the Marina entrance and board a Zodiac for your morning excursion.
24 Hours in Antarctica


Today we visit the famous Snow Hill Island, as we arrive the sound of Emperor Penguins clicking at each other can be heard. There are 10,000 here, each busy nurturing their young. We will disembark from the Zodiac, and your Discovery Leader will guide you to Nordenskjold's Hut for a morning of penguin watching.  
24 Hours in Antarctica
Zodiac South Georgia

Late morning 

Each excursion is unique. Your Discovery Team are alert to changing conditions, and on the return journey to Scenic Eclipse, they spot a humpback whale breaching in the distance. The Zodiac is stopped, and after a few moments, the whale glides past, slapping its fin, before continuing its journey.  
Scenic Eclipse Antarctica


By midday, return to the ultra-luxury of your Discovery Yacht. Choose lunch at one of several dining experiences, from the casual Azure Bar &  Café to the Yacht Club’s grill, to contemporary fine dining. While you eat, rest and take in the sights, Scenic Eclipse repositions to a new location for another excursion, holding its place using its GPS Dynamic Positioning system, without dropping anchor onto sensitive seabed.
24 Hours in Antarctica

Early afternoon

Scenic Eclipse’s limited guest numbers means multiple landings a day, and then soon it’s time to explore again. From fascinating historic huts to seabird colonies, pods of whales to the thrill of calving glaciers, your Discovery Guides will interpret what unfolds before your eyes. Ignite the explorer within, joining an all-inclusive guided kayaking or stand-up paddleboard trip, sharing protected waterways with curious crabeater seals, penguins or navigate through the diamond glisten of brash ice.  
Scenic Eclipse Enterprise Island Kayak Antarctica

Late Afternoon 

Back on board Scenic Eclipse, it is time to relax. Indulge in the expansive 550m2 Senses Spa for rejuvenating treatments+, soak in our Vitality Spa or outdoor pool, or stretch tightening muscles in our gym, or yoga and Pilates studio. Then, let your butler bring you a refreshing drink as you join the Discovery Team for an illustrated recap of the day and learn what is planned for the next.  


You’ve been invited to an exclusive degustation dinner at Chef’s Table @ Elements by our Corporate Executive Chef, Tom Götter. Each course is an exquisite culinary journey, matched with the finest wines from around the world. At the end, join the friends you’ve made that day in the Scenic Lounge Bar for a nightcap of one of over 100 whiskeys as you regale tales of an exceptional day.  

Innovative design for Unrivalled exploration

Purpose built for Polar regions, Scenic Eclipse’s strengthened hull and Polar Class 6 rating allows guests to safely access the furthest regions of this spectacular continent. This is a true exploration, combining 6-star ultra-luxury with state-of-the-art technology.  

On a Scenic Eclipse Expedition Voyage, you may have the chance to walk straight on to sea ice from the ship, watch penguin chicks hatch and herald the arrival of seal pups on the beaches and humpbacks offshore. Extraordinary moments in a truly spectacular destination. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

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Terms and Conditions:
+ Spa treatments at an additional cost. 

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