9 Reasons to Take a Scenic Eclipse Mediterranean Discovery Voyage

A holiday along the Mediterranean Sea will let you discover many inspiring destinations. From pristine beaches and quaint port towns to iconic cities with a rich history and vibrant culinary scene, there are plenty of wonders to enchant you.

With Scenic Eclipse, you will be able to access a plethora of quiet and often unexplored harbours in this stunning region, travelling in ultra-luxury on The World’s First Discovery Yacht™. The world-class design of Scenic Eclipse makes it ideal for docking in smaller ports, especially those that many other, larger ships simply cannot access. Arrive at the heart of each destination, ready for an exciting day of discovery excursions and exploration from the moment you disembark.

Whichever part of the Mediterranean you are dreaming of exploring, here are nine reasons why you should travel with Scenic Eclipse on a Mediterranean discovery voyage.

1. Soak up the Mediterranean sun on board

The sunny climes of the Mediterranean are one of the many highlights of this region. Scenic Eclipse features a host of spaces that let you soak up the sunshine. Experience true relaxation by lounging on one of the sun beds on our Pool and Spa Terraces, or delight in the peaceful surrounds and sunny vistas from the Observation Terrace and the Sun Terrace. During your time on board, you will also have the pleasure of dining alfresco – enjoy breakfast and lunch at The Yacht Club or visit the Azure Bar & Café for all-day casual dining.

As well as a luxurious choice of spacious public areas, if you would rather bask in the warm weather in privacy, the balcony in your suite is the perfect secluded spot. All of the luxurious suites on board Scenic Eclipse feature a private veranda, allowing for a blissful and peaceful yacht cruise experience. Ask the butler to bring you your favourite cocktail or a glass of Champagne as you relax amid the warm ocean breeze.
The Vitality Pools on Scenic Eclipse

2. Savour authentic all-inclusive dining experiences

Your journey of discovery at each destination continues when you return to your ship. Complementing your immersive experiences along the Mediterranean, you can indulge in up to ten all-inclusive dining experiences on board Scenic Eclipse. The expert chefs take inspiration from the delicacies of each region you travel through, utilising fresh and locally sourced produce to craft delicious dishes. Choose from an array of Mediterranean options for truly exceptional, authentic dining.

Whichever dining venue you visit, you can expect a multi-sensory experience, delighting in intimate, small guest numbers. Savour a different meal every day, choosing your preferred restaurant as the mood takes you. Delectable Italian cuisine is on the menu at our main Elements restaurant, while you can indulge in contemporary French fine dining at Lumière. If you would like to learn how to prepare a Mediterranean delicacy of your own, visit our dedicated on board cooking school, Scenic Epicure.

As Scenic Eclipse Executive Chef, Tom Götter, explains: “It is impossible to become tired of continental cuisine, with so many different options to source inspiration from – be it Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean or the shores of the Middle East. The culinary styles, techniques and flavours of Europe change almost every 50 miles.”

3. Unique access to beautiful secluded ports

As a Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse can access an array of secluded Mediterranean ports, many of which are unreachable by larger ships. You’ll arrive in the centre of each destination and can take advantage of late night departures, letting you enjoy plenty of time to explore and immerse yourself in the local culture.

When you visit the Spanish city of Seville, Scenic Eclipse will sail along the Guadalquivir River right into the centre of the city. Simply disembark and discover the city’s many riches, such as a sherry wine tasting at one of the most famous bodegas in the world – an included Scenic Freechoice activity on your itinerary.

In Calvi, on the small French island of Corsica, you can discover the many untouched treasures. Not frequented by larger cruise ships, Calvi’s ancient citadels, abandoned villages and sparkling shorelines will be a highlight of your voyage, away from the typical tourist route. In Koper, Slovenia’s largest town, Scenic Eclipse will transport you close to the quaint venetian-influenced architecture, giving you time to wander this secret gem of a destination.

The picture-postcard Greek Island of Paros will inspire your imagination. With a mix of charming countryside and fascinating historical monuments, there is plenty to see and do on the island. Choose from a wide range of included Scenic Freechoice activities, such as a local produce tasting tour and a private male choir performance inside a 4th-century Byzantine church.

4. Active exploration opportunities

Filled with secret coves, hidden islands, secluded beaches, and vibrant marine life, there is a lot to discover in and around Mediterranean waters.

When you travel with Scenic Eclipse, you are invited to explore beyond the horizon with the host of on board discovery vehicles. Soar above your destination, witnessing the crystalline waters and collection of islands from the sky in one of our two state-of-the-art Airbus helicopters^, which seat up to six guests. Or venture below the sea’s surface to gaze upon a kaleidoscopic underwater world in our 6-seater submarine, Scenic Neptune^.

As a Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse is also equipped with a host of water sports equipment to help you get the most out of these stunning, temperate waters. Swim in the waters at your own pace with the recreational gear, tailored to various fitness levels. Explore leisurely using our paddleboards or discover the colourful schools of fish and coral on a snorkelling expedition. For those seeking a thrilling exploration experience, join an active kayaking excursion, venture out onto the waters on our Tiwal sailing boat or try water skiing.

5. Indulgent spaces to reinvigorate your body and mind

After a day of exhilarating exploration, there’s nothing better than returning to the luxurious Senses Spa on board Scenic Eclipse. Measuring a vast 550 square metres (5,920 square feet), the Senses Spa offers pure indulgence and tranquillity, allowing you to reinvigorate your body and mind. Be pampered with a wide selection of treatments^, ensuring you feel rested and rejuvenated for another sensational day of discovery.

The Scandinavian-inspired plunge pools and saunas on board let you delight in the ancient art of Nordic bathing. Soothe any tired or aching muscles, and experience ultimate relaxation. Our ergonomically designed luxury king-size Scenic Slumber Beds in all of our suites will guarantee you have the soundest sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

6. Exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences for immersive exploration

Our signature Scenic Enrich experiences will be one of the many highlights of your voyage. Each experience has been carefully chosen to offer once-in-a-lifetime moments that will help you gain a fresh perspective on your destination. From an exclusive equestrian flamenco show in Seville in one of the oldest bullrings, to a grand classical concert within the breathtaking 2nd-century ruins of the Library of Celsus in Turkey, Scenic Enrich will allow you to see each destination in a unique and impressive light.

7. Customise your journey with Scenic Freechoice activities

A Scenic Eclipse voyage gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and pursue only that which matches your interests. Handcrafted by our expert Journey Designers, our Scenic Freechoice activities let you chart your own journey of discovery. Choose from an extensive range of all-inclusive activities, including excursions led by expert local guides and the chance to explore privately at your leisure. Whether you choose to tour a 1st-century Roman Amphitheatre in Pula or savour wine tasting at a family-run vineyard in Monte Carlo, you will find a delightful array of options to suit your tastes.

8. Ultra-luxury cruising, away from the crowds

Scenic Eclipse’s Mediterranean cruises operate during the shoulder season of March to June. This means you can avoid the busiest periods and crowds in these beautiful destinations, uncovering both major landmarks and hidden gems beyond the tourist route in peace.

Bask in the glorious springtime weather of the Mediterranean, experiencing beautiful sights all around you. Wander past white-washed Cycladic houses framed with fuchsia pink bougainvillea blossoms and snorkel in the warm turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. With no more than 228 guests on board and a limited number of guests per shore excursion, you can share each moment of discovery in an intimate setting with loved ones and like-minded guests.

9. Our commitment to health and safety

We understand the importance of maintaining your health and wellness while travelling. Our Cruise with Confidence Assurance offers complete peace-of-mind when you travel with Scenic Eclipse. Our team is working closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government health agencies to implement a full range of health and wellness measures for the resumption of our ocean cruise operations.

Embark on a Scenic Eclipse Mediterranean discovery voyage 

Whether it’s the stunning shorelines and fascinating historical monuments that inspire you or the thrill of active exploration on shore, in the water and in the skies, if you are yearning to explore the Mediterranean, a Scenic Eclipse discovery voyage is the perfect addition to your travel bucket list.

Discover our complete collection of Scenic Eclipse Mediterranean discovery voyages online or request/view our 2021 Europe & The Mediterranean Voyages brochure.

^Subject to regulatory approval and at additional cost.