What to Expect - Antarctica Peninsula

Between South America’s Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula is Drake Passage, the shortest sailing distance and perhaps the world’s most fickle waterway. Like its namesake (Francis Drake was a pirate to the Spanish, a hero to the English) it can be ‘Drake Shake’ one day, ‘Drake Lake’ the next. However, Scenic Eclipse’s custom-built, oversized zero speed stabilizer fins are fifty percent larger than most other ships, bringing greater stability regardless of sea state.  Its Comfort Class 1 standard also promises the lowest ship noise and vibration. The result? A magic carpet ride and less time to reach to the Frozen Continent.
Relax and enjoy an enlightening presentation by the Discovery Team in the state-of-the-art theatre to excite you for what’s to come or relax in your suite and watch the live streaming on your TV. Step out onto your private verandah or terrace to admire soaring albatross, the flutter of Wilson’s storm petrels or the blow of whales. Explore the extensive range of up to 10 dining experiences, or your butler will serve you should you wish to dine in-suite.
How different it must have been for Irish ship’s master Edward Bransfield in 1820 when he became the first to see the Antarctic Peninsula. Today we follow in his wake, first to the wildlife-rich South Shetland Islands, home to 16 scientific research stations (mostly on King George Island) and mysterious live volcanic islands, then across the strait that bears Bransfield’s name, to the Peninsula. 

On the east side is the Weddell Sea, a wonderland of fossil fields on ice-free islands, and incomprehensively vast tabular icebergs. We’ll search for big colonies, think 16,000 breeding pairs of Adélie penguins, and curious fur seals.  It’s here in 1915 that Shackleton and his men made an epic escape after the sinking of his ship Endurance – one of several incredible survival stories you’ll hear beautifully told by our Discovery Team historian. 
More than 1,500 km in length, the Antarctic Peninsula’s west side offers a maze of protected channels to explore by Zodiac or our fully inclusive kayak and stand-up paddleboard program; and a photographer’s delight of soaring, steep-faced mountains topped by a glistening ice cap.

Whether it’s watching a fluffy chick take its first steps, penguins porpoising through glassy seas, leopard seals languidly resting on ice floes, packs of crabeater seals swimming along a sapphire ice edge, or orcas rising to match the pace of your Zodiac, your Discovery Team naturalist will be there to enhance your experience by sharing their knowledge of Antarctica. We strive to give you a deeper understanding of the ‘must see’ sights, along with the flexibility to explore at your own pace.
With just 200 guests on our Scenic Expedition voyages, every day on the Antarctic Peninsula offers multiple excursions, each one unique. Land on the Seventh Continent in the morning, visit an historic hut in the afternoon, indulge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in the exclusive 550sqm (5,920sqft) Senses Spa before dinner. Truly where ultra-luxury meets discovery.

The world-class design and crew of Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts™, puts the Antarctic environment first with a GPS Dynamic Positioning system that allows us to maintain our location without dropping anchor onto sensitive seabeds. The latest emissions technology, IMO low sulphur fuel and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems allows for minimum impact exploration.
Scenic Eclipse’s two state-of-the-art helicopters and custom-built submarine, Scenic Neptune allow you to explore above, below and beyond the next horizon. Remember, wherever you touch down, or simply float quietly, take time to allow Antarctica’s silence to infuse your heart. 

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Helicopter and submarine activities are weather permitting, subject to availability and regulatory approvals, and incur additional costs.