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Looking for inspiration on where to travel next? Take a look at our seasonal guide and find out where’s best to visit and when. 

January, February & March


Pristine and strikingly beautiful, Antarctica experiences summer between October and February, as rookeries of chicks populate the Antarctic Peninsula and daylight is at its longest. One of the only destinations in the southern hemisphere to experience the natural phenomena of the Midnight Sun, when the sun doesn’t set at all, in January the Antarctic Peninsula reaches highs of zero degrees, with temperatures ranging from -10 to -60 further in land. 

Our 13-day Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands itinerary commences in Buenos Aires, from where you’ll begin your journey towards the Antarctic Peninsula. On your way, explore the Falkland Islands and South Georgia in all their glory and at the perfect time of year.

Observe penguins, sealions, elephant seals and albatrosses as they breed and nest on land and witness enormous slabs of ice as they begin to shatter under the summer sun, making way for breathtaking Discovery Excursions as you navigate between them. Take part in a Scenic Discovery excursion at Gypsy Cove, a short distance from the capital, Stanley, to view the Magellanic penguin colonies or take a Scenic Freechoice tour of the infamous battlefields.
The extraordinary capabilities of your Discovery Yacht, enables our incredible Captain and crew to sail through some of the narrowest of waterways, including the 11-kilometre-long Lemaire Channel, reaching 1,600 metres at its narrowest point. Retrace the steps of Ernest Shackleton and make the most of our custom-built Zodiacs and kayaks, as our experts take you out on an exploration of one of the most remote places on Earth.

And, once you reach Antarctica, our itineraries provide ample opportunity to really feel the crunch of snow under your boot as you first set foot on land, keeping a watchful eye out for penguins, seals, and whales. Most common whale sightings are that of humpbacks, minke and killer whales, but you may also be lucky enough to see blue, fin and sperm whales. Penguin chicks grow up, crabeater and Weddell seals lounge on ice floes, females nurse newborn pups and the polar ice melts, allowing greater access to the continent’s southern reaches than at any other time of the year. 

April, May & June

The Mediterranean

From the great seafaring nations of Portugal and Spain and the old-Hollywood charm of the French and Italian rivieras, to the pristine beaches and stucco buildings of the Cyclades Islands, explore the Mediterranean in mid-to-late spring, as comfortable temperatures and less crowding unveil its many gems and make Scenic Discovery excursions all the more special.
Western Europe
Our 13-day Western Europe Discovery itinerary, from Lisbon to Bergen, showcases how modernity and tradition have found the perfect balance along Europe’s west coast. Explore Portuguese wine cellars and colourful French quaysides. Try Belgian waffles and beer and take a Scenic Discovery bike ride with a local in Amsterdam. Marvel at the thatched wooden cottages, grazing cows and majestic cliffs of Germany’s Sylt Island and the plentiful wildlife, serene beaches and ancient churches of the Norwegian village of Farsund, best explored as part of a Scenic Discovery excursion.
Italy & Greece
Spend ten days island-hopping across Italy and Greece as part of our 9-day Iconic Treasures of Italy & Greece itinerary, revelling in the warm Mediterranean sun, enjoying coastal drives, volcanic panoramas and sunset wine evenings. 
Drive along the Sorrento coast to the archaeological ruins of Pompeii, taste the zingy limoncello of charming Sorrento and kayak the waters of the Bay of Leranto on a Scenic Discovery excursion.
Witness Mount Etna, the world’s largest active volcano, before the rugged landscape of Santorini reveals its iconic whitewashed houses, turquoise waters and boutique wineries, the perfect setting for a Scenic Enrich sunset wine tasting, with violin accompaniment. 
The French & Italian Rivieras
The French and Italian rivieras are abundant in old-world charm. It’s no surprise they’ve long been the playground of the rich. 

The once humble fishing village of Saint Tropez was made famous by Hollywood royalty like Brigitte Bardot and is yours to discover on a Scenic Freechoice walking tour. Climb to the summit of Monte Carlo’s Rock of Monaco and walk the illustrious Formula One Circuit de Monaco racetrack, before a spectacular exclusive Scenic Enrich concert by the Harpsody Orchestra at the Oceanographic Museum.

Along the Italian Riviera, Portofino’s multi-coloured seafront is made up of cafés, luxury hotels and shops. You can enjoy a Scenic Freechoice walking tour, including the Castello Brown, perched high above the harbour. Or, embark on a Scenic Discovery guided hike to the beautiful Romanesque abbey, San Fruttuoso, nestled in a cozy cove surrounded by walking trails, forests and a beach. 

July, August & September

Arctic, Northwest Passage, Inside Passage & the Americas

Summer in the Arctic may surprise you, as the -40 temperatures of the winter warm up to heights of around 0 degrees and the sun shines bright all day long. Discover the majestic fjords of Norway and the glaciers of Greenland, explore the ‘polar desert’ of Svalbard on Scenic Discovery excursions by Zodiac, looking out for Arctic foxes, whales and even reindeer. Follow in the footsteps of illustrious explorers like Christopher Columbus and Sir John Franklin as you navigate the Northwest Passage and be one of a very special group to embark on our inaugural cruise of the Inside Passage, one of the most scenic waterways in the world. 
As part of our 15-day Adventures Through the Inside Passage itinerary, we’ll cruise from Anchorage along the Bering Sea, a fascinating maritime route between the USA and Russia, stopping off for fascinating visits to small Alaskan island communities. Immerse yourself in ultra-luxury as we sail along the Gulf of Alaska, stopping in Kodiak to soak up the surrounding vistas. The majestic mountains and serene lakes of the national park are a breeding ground for some of the most spectacular wildlife. Look out for fur seals, grizzly and black bears, as well as millions of seabirds, bald eagles and brown bears as they fish for Pacific salmon.
Learn about Alaskan history, from the Battle of Dutch Harbour, to the Russian connection with the indigenous Tlingit people, with whom you can connect on a visit to Kake on the northwest coast. Continue journeying south to Wrangell at the heart of the Inside Passage. One of the oldest Alaskan towns, this is the best time of year to visit, marvelling at the plentiful totem poles scattered throughout, and observing the inhabitants of Anan Wildlife Sanctuary up-close. 

October, November & December

Antarctica & the Americas

Summer in the southern hemisphere occurs in the latter months of the year. Cool, dry and clear days make for perfect conditions as Scenic Eclipse navigates the rainforests and tropical beaches along the Andean coastline from Costa Rica to Peru, and the spectacular Chilean Inner Fjords, revealing volcanic and glacial landscapes, as well as waterfalls and mazes of ice and waterways. 

Beautiful weather makes full days exploring the national parks a joy. Panama’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Darien National Park is the country’s largest, reaching an impressive 5,750 square kilometres. A biosphere reserve, it is considered the most important in The Americas, after the Amazon. Embark on a Scenic Discovery excursion by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, and ride along the coast of the Darien Jungle, watching out for an abundance of wildlife, including macaws and eagles, as well as spider monkeys and white-lipped peccaries. 

Continue your journey south to Ecuador, learning about the local cacao trade and how the beans are cultivated before being made into chocolate, and explore the archaeological ruins of the Peruvian port town of Salaverry, where a Scenic Freechoice excursion to the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon precedes an exclusive traditional Paso horse display, courtesy of Scenic Enrich. 
Cruise through the English Narrows and witness the impressive Seno Garibaldi, one of very few advancing glaciers in the world, looking out for migrating whales, penguin colonies and elephant seals, until your Discovery Yacht reaches Cape Horn, on the southernmost tip of South America. 

The Antarctic Peninsula at this time of year, is a favourite for many, especially photographers, who delight in pristine snowscapes. Join our expert Discovery Team, comprising of geologists and glaciologists, historians, archaeologists and marine biologists, as they lead Zodiac, kayak and paddleboard excursions through dramatic ice formations, providing enduring insight every step of the way. Fast ice clings to bays along the west coast, and one ship’s barrier is another’s gateway to wonder. Flightsee^ above the Lemaire Channel, heliski^* hidden powder stashes, and explore the ice edge and rarely seen sea floor in our custom-built submarine, Scenic Neptune^.

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