Five Insightful Questions with Specialist Discovery Leader, Eva Westerholm

Each month, the Scenic Eclipse crew, staff and Discovery Team share their unique insights on life on board our spectacular fleet and the remarkable destinations we visit.
Extraordinary experiences in remarkable destinations are brought to life on Scenic Eclipse by the specialist Discovery Leaders, such as Eva Westerholm. Eva is the Zodiac driver and naturalist and has spent 15 years exploring Antarctica. She shares her incredible insights into a continent that Eva believes is the most unique and pristine in the world.  

1. How did you start your career as a Zodiac driver in Antarctica?  

I’m originally from Sweden and worked on a very small ship in Svalbard as a mess man, or as I like to call it a “mess girl”, so you do a bit of everything. It gives you an amazing insight into every aspect of life on board a ship. I soon interviewed for a job in Antarctica, and got it. That was 15 years ago, and I’ve been here every season since, joining Scenic in 2021. Before becoming a Zodiac driver, I was working more in operations, but once I got the chance to do much more, a guest experience role came up and I grabbed it. It’s highly rewarding.

2. In your own words, what’s the magic of Antarctica?  

The scale of the environment is very hard to describe. Scale loses meaning in a certain way and you can feel so small in this huge world. When people come to Antarctica, it kind of puts things into perspective. Even for me, when we sailed into South Georgia for the first time this year, I had tears in my eyes. It’s amazing here and even that word doesn’t do it justice.  

3. Tell us a bit about your role as Discovery Leader? 

There are 20 Discovery Leaders in total. Whilst each of us have unique skills and interests, what unites us is that this is a job you can only do if you’re passionate about it. You need to love to explore. To me it is fascinating that I’ve been in Antarctica for all these years, and I’m still experiencing new things almost every day. There's always something new here, something different.  

4. How do you plan each day?  

The weather really dictates the day’s plans. The Discovery Team meet at breakfast, we check out the weather, and then we decided if the plans we made with guests the night before are feasible. A Zodiac is pretty sturdy, we can go out in most weather conditions. But a kayak on the other hand, the water conditions have to be just right. On the water, it is often a look out by everyone on board. You never know what you are going to see, and that’s what is very exciting.  

5. What’s your biggest advice to those about to visit Antarctica?  

Live in the moment. Antarctica is a place that is out of the ordinary. There is a lot to take in, so it’s about taking a breath in the first few days. The first day or so can be a sensory overload. You can go to the same place every day and have a different experience. I think this is the most astounding learning when travelling to Antarctica and South Georgia.  

An Antarctica Cruise led by Experts 

At the helm of each Scenic Eclipse voyage is the Discovery Team, made up of up to 20 team members. We've secured the top experts in their field, from historians and geologists to archaeologists and photographers. They safely guide and educate guests every step of the way, ensuring each get the most out of the places you visit.  

From on board lectures in the state-of-art theatre, to guided kayak excursions and nature walks, to coasting on Zodiacs in front of enormous glaciers, the Discovery Team will share with you their passion for, and knowledge of, these magnificent regions. 

Innovative design for Unrivalled exploration  

Purpose built for Polar regions, Scenic Eclipse’s strengthened hull and Polar Class 6 rating allows guests to safely access the furthest regions of this spectacular continent. This is a true exploration, combining 6-star ultra-luxury with state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled discovery.
On a Scenic Eclipse Expedition Voyage, you may have the opportunity to walk straight on to sea ice from the ship, watch penguin chicks hatch and herald the arrival of seal pups on the beaches and humpbacks offshore. Extraordinary moments in a truly spectacular destination. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Click the link to learn more about the Weddell Sea itinerary, South Georgia & Falkland Islands or the ultimate, Antarctica in Depth. Scenic guests now have the chance to fly straight into the heart of Antarctica on our new Fly The Drake itinerary, and even deeper into this magical region with Beyond the Antarctic Circle.