Follow the Extraordinary Journey from Farm to Scenic Space-Ship

Scenic’s Culinary Director Joerg Lindner shares why supporting local is important when creating the exceptional menus on our truly all-inclusive luxury Europe river cruises.
Picture the scene. You are on your Scenic Space-Ship. Over the next few weeks, you will travel through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary or maybe through France or Portugal. Each day will unearth an abundance of different experiences, cultures, languages and, of course, cuisine. 

On a Scenic Space-Ship, each epicurean moment has been created to ensure it is a distinct culinary journey within itself. More than that, from the 1,000 recipes created by our culinary geniuses, there is a focus on featuring local fresh produce.

“Supporting local businesses is very important to me,” says Joerg. “That is because you get to support local people who are truly passionate about what they create. It’s also how you discover the best produce in Europe, always fresh, in-season, created with care and truly authentic. After all, if you are travelling through Europe, you want to get a real taste of these incredible regions. That is what you get on a Scenic river cruise.”
Joerg’s support local approach includes everything from the meat served in the mains to the bread found at breakfast. 

Joerg tells, “All our guests comment on the bread. It comes from a house bakery in Melk in Germany, from a baker named Mr Teufner." 

“This is a business that has been in his family for years, which was taken over from his father and from his grandfather, so they are third generation already. And you can tell as the bread is amazing.”
In Austria, the cheese on your cheeseboard will come from the region you are travelling through. Then, as you sail into Budapest, the cheeseboard will change once again. Each moment has been carefully curated to ensure it is authentic and spectacular. 

As Joerg puts it, “We have a cheese affineur who we use. He collects cheeses from all over the world, but mainly in Europe. He collects the cheeses from local farms, often very rural. Then we tell him where we are cruising, and he creates these ready-to-serve cheese boxes."

“So, in every region we are cruising through, he selects cheeses and puts them in one box for me. We have for example, three different cheeses for lunch and another three different cheeses for dinner. We make the ordering for the chefs a little bit easier, as they just have to align box one with the region. Box two with the next region etc.”
Since Joerg joined Scenic in 2019, he transformed the menu, so the culinary star of the show is in-season and local produce. It is his passion. “For two reasons,” Joerg explains. “There is no better taste than fresh and local produce. But also, I feel deeply passionate about supporting local producers and it’s something we do really well at Scenic.”

It’s a message he has instilled in the chefs on board the Scenic Space-Ships throughout Europe. “I tell them to get off the ship and go to the local market. I want them to be flexible with their approach to each menu. It’s finding, say, some tomatoes that have just been picked that morning from a farm in the hills outside of Lyon and adding them to a dish that is planned for tonight,” says Joerg.
Joerg has a passion for knowing the journey of many of the elements of each dish, meaning he has created incredible relationships with local producers and artisan makers in the villages and towns that line the waterways of Europe. 

“It’s an approach that works,” says Joerg. “The dishes our guests talk about the most are the ones with a story, that come from this region. They are interested in the history of a dish and that is what elevates a meal to something else. That’s what we do at Scenic. It has to be special.” 

It’s More Than a 5-Star Europe River Cruise 

With Scenic, it’s more than a river cruise, our Space-Ships are akin to a floating 5-star luxury hotel. On board, you can expect impeccable service and outstanding hospitality from world-class staff. 
Enjoy an unrivalled range of dining experiences. From relaxed to fine dining, there’s a venue and menu for every occasion. Scenic also elevates wellbeing to another level, with a state-of-the-art gym and dedicated Wellness Area. 
This is truly all-inclusive luxury in a small ship environment, reserved for up to 163 guests in Europe, with an abundance of indulgent spaces. Your home away from home, each suite has been designed with our guests in mind. 
Onshore, fully immersive experiences have been created to take guests to the very heart of these remarkable regions. Scenic Freechoice activities can be tailored to each guest’s individual interests, and then pursued at a pace that suits them.
Exploring by e-bike through quaint villages along the Rhine, wandering through a magical castle in the pretty French countryside, or indulging in the spectacular food and exquisite wines at a family-run Quinta in Portugal. Scenic Enrich events are exclusive, and once-in-a-lifetime moments in palaces, castles and historic sites. 
When you travel with Scenic, the experience is in a class of its own. It’s more than personalised travel, it’s our guests’ desires taken care of to the Nth Degree.

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