Scenic Eclipse Whiskey Bar

For the love of whiskey: Tracing the roots of the world's favourite spirit

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much of whiskey is barely enough."

It was Mark Twain who famously coined the above quote. Had the fellow whiskey aficionado still been around today, he would be sure to delight in a journey on board Scenic Eclipse. The Discovery Yacht features an all-inclusive whiskey bar, which is home to 110 varieties of whiskey from all around the world. Even a refined palate like Twain’s would be spoilt for choice here.

You can savour premium selection whiskeys, including single malts such as a 25-year-old Glendullan, a 30-year-old Jura The Loch, and a 16-year-old Lagavulin. Or try super-premium blends, including Johnny Walker Blue and Ireland’s Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel. There’s no better way to while away an evening than with a whiskey nightcap, basking in the opulent surrounds of the Scenic Bar on Scenic Eclipse. Let the expert bartenders choose the right tipple for you, whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur or still finding your taste buds.

Whiskey isn’t just an esteemed drink around the world; it also has a fascinating origin dating back thousands of years. Trace the roots of this renowned drink.

The History of Whiskey

Whiskey has a fabulous and intriguing history. Both the Scottish and the Irish claim to be inventors of this cherished beverage. However, the truth is, no one really knows for sure. 

The process of distillation can be traced all the way back to Mesopotamia in 800 AD. Babylonians are believed to have distilled solutions, such as perfumes, via this means. Around 1000 AD, travelling Christian monks introduced the process of distillation to Ireland and Scotland as they arrived in these lands. Due to the unavailability of wine, the monks were compelled to distil barley beer into liquor. And so whiskey evolved, along with the never-ending debate between the Scottish and the Irish. 

Differences Between Scottish and Irish Whiskeys

Given the hazy, intertwined beginnings, what are the differences between Scottish and Irish whiskeys? One of the most well-known differences is a simple change in spelling. Scotch whisky is spelled without the ‘e’, whilst Irish whiskey is still with the ‘e’.

Also, the distillation process is different for both whiskeys. Scotch whiskey is made with malted barley, distilled twice and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. An important principle for Scotch whiskey is that it has to have been made in Scotland from start to end. Single malt Scotch is malt whiskey from a single distillery. 

Irish whiskey is distilled for longer, causing a marked difference in taste. The whiskey is made with unmalted barley, distilled three times and aged in oak barrels. Due to this, Scotch has a fuller, heavier taste. On the other hand, Irish whiskey has a lighter and smoother taste. 

Whiskey in the Modern Day

As well as Scotch and Irish whiskeys, other varieties include bourbon, rye and blended. Bourbon is made from at least 51% corn mash, aged in new oak barrels. It is only produced in the United States. Rye is another whiskey made in America, composed of 51% rye. Blended whiskey is usually made from a mix of various aged whiskeys, first created as a way to combat demand for whiskey. 
Today, whiskey is produced in many countries around the world. Scotland and Ireland remain the most popular whiskey distillers, but Canada and the United States also have reputable brands. New Zealand and Japan are now rising within this market too, due to the growing trend for whiskey in these countries.
When you join us on Scenic Eclipse, you will have the chance to sample whiskeys from nearly all of the major whiskey producing regions. You can also try more limited edition vintages. The incredible display case in the Scenic Bar, backed by a wall of translucent quartz crystal, is a sight to behold in itself. Whichever of the 110 varieties of whiskey you choose to try, you’ll have endless opportunities to uncover new flavours. And, of course, these whiskies are all included on Scenic Eclipse.
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