(Re)discover France and feel the difference

All-inclusive luxury river cruises put travellers in touch with an undiscovered country

It’s a feeling – fleeting, mind you, but one that hints that there’s much more to discover.

Beyond those iconic landmarks, legendary waterways, beautiful countryside and delicious fare, France remains a mystery to its guests. No doubt, it’s why the country remains romanticized centuries later.

In 2020, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours will unravel that riddle through a series of eight- to 12-day all-inclusive luxury river adventures that will put you in touch with a country as diverse as it is beautiful.

Travel along the Bordeaux waterways or Saône, Rhône and Seine rivers, and (re)experience France through a journey that’s off the beaten path.

Feel the ocean breeze in Honfleur, a spellbinding experience where the River Seine opens into the Atlantic at the English Channel. With one of the more picturesque harbours in France, winding streets and colourful buildings, there is something to see around every corner.

For those feeling active, join a relaxing city walk or a more invigorating guided hike. Take advantage of Scenic Freechoice – a variety of wonderful activities that range from e-biking adventures on paths along the Rhône to relaxing walks along the cobblestone paths in the medieval hilltop town of Pérouges.

Alternatively, embark on a kayaking adventure and feel the mist of the water as you paddle through one of Europe’s largest natural canyons in the Ardèche. Or journey to Arcachon where you can climb Europe’s largest sand dune and take in the expansive panorama.
And in the breathtaking Bordeaux region, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in a 30-kilometre round-trip cycle along the Captain’s Road, which is named in honour of the First World War captains who chose to purchase their homes along this beautiful stretch of waterway in the early 20th century.

History, in fact, is a prominent theme through many of the tours offered by Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. In northern France, walk along the D-Day Landing beaches in Normandy and along the historic Somme battlefield.

In nearby Chantilly, visit Château de Malmaison for a guided tour. Once owned by Empress Joséphine and her husband Napoleon I of France, the estate has been restored to its former glory and is considered to be of significant historical importance. 

Elsewhere, visit the artistic heritage of Arles and its famous arena, or feel history come alive in Vienne as you visit the Roman amphitheatre and uncover the fascinating history of this quaint riverside town, once conquered by Julius Caesar.

Back on board your five-star floating hotel, the Scenic Sapphire and Diamond cruises offer access to the Salt Therapy Lounge that will help you feel energized and healthier while relaxing. The humidity and temperature-controlled room is handcrafted from salt bricks and creates a micro-climate of a natural salt mine, while the low-level lighting and calming music promotes the natural relaxing effects of the salt.

After a day of cultural immersion amid the splendours of France, there’s no better place to recharge than within the luxurious and relaxing atmosphere of your Scenic Suite. Your complimentary minibar will be restocked daily, as will the luxurious bath products in your spacious bathroom.

And the Scenic Slumber Bed features Egyptian cotton sheets and an indulgent pillow menu to guarantee the best night’s sleep on the rivers of France.

Visit to start planning your next adventure. For an ultimate getaway, combine two river cruises or a river cruise with an escorted land tour in Spain, Portugal or Italy.