(Re)Discover France and excite your senses

Imagine you had an opportunity to taste some of the world’s finest artisan chocolate at the renowned Cité du Chocolat in the small French village of Tain L’Hermitage. Or see, first-hand, Monet’s Garden in Giverny – a setting immortalized through the artist’s famous paintings.
What if you could hear the melody of classical notes reverberating through the walls of Avignon’s exquisite Popes’ Palace at an exclusive concert? Or smell the fragrant lavender fields in Provence? Or feel the ocean breeze in Honfleur where the River Seine opens into the Atlantic at the English Channel?
Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours is giving guests the opportunity to (re)discover France through an all-inclusive luxury river cruising experience that will excite the senses and create lasting vivid memories.
This is a side of France you’ve never seen before, and you’ll likely never see again. From Paris in the north to Provence in the south, the iconic destinations of France will take guests beyond the ordinary, revealing facets of locations seldom witnessed by tourists. From timeless towns to iconic landmarks, these legendary waterways are brimming with wonders waiting to be explored.
Just some of the more extraordinary on-shore adventures range from a breathtaking acapella choir performance at the Trinity Chapel in the south of France to a chef-guided shopping excursion at a local food market in the World Heritage-listed Bordeaux region and hikes through the famous vineyards of Tain l’Hermitage.
Guests will also have a chance to step back in time in Northern France and see history unfold – whether through a reflective walk along the sobering Somme battlefields and Normandy beaches, or a visit to the museum of famed French novelist Victor Hugo in the village of Villequier.
This sensory experience will transcend beyond France’s storied landscape to Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours state-of-the-art Space-Ships. Guests will have opportunities to try their hand at local fare through location-reflective cooking schools. Or unwind after a day of rambling Europe’s largest sand dune at Arcachon in Scenic’s Salt Therapy Lounge.
Every detail of these five-star floating hotels has been developed with the key objective of delivering a world-class all-inclusive experience. And best of all, it’s all included.
For a country that has captivated hearts for centuries, France remains largely undiscovered for many while remaining as diverse as it is beautiful. (Re)discover France and excite your senses.
In 2020, Scenic is offering a range of eight- to 12-day river cruises and tours. Travellers have the opportunity to enhance their experiences with various city stays and extensions. For an ultimate getaway, combine two river cruises or a river cruise with an escorted land tour in Spain, Portugal or Italy.