Scenic Eclipse: Discover Europe’s Unique Ports-of-Call

Scenic Eclipse provides access to hidden wonders. Explore the ultra-luxury experience of small ship cruising on board a Discovery Yacht, with unrivalled access to the heart of small ports, villages and unique destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.
Discover the hidden corners and magical highlights of Western Europe and the Mediterranean in 6-star ultra-luxury on board your Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse. From being immersed in the sophistication, elegance and superyacht culture of Puerto Banus, Spain, to photographing the ancient streets of medieval Erice, in western Sicily, you’ll benefit from the size and design of Scenic Eclipse and the passion our Journey Designers have brought in their pursuit of wonder.

The Discovery Yacht Experience

At just 168-metres in length, Scenic Eclipse has access to unique small villages and local ports that large ships can’t access. Delight in stepping ashore in the heart of popular destinations like St Tropez and Monaco, rather than being bussed in from commercial ports. With just 228 guests on board and up to six Scenic Freechoice excursions on offer each day, delight in the knowledge and expertise of our Discovery Guides or your personal e-bike exploration, well away from bustling tourist crowds.

Southern France and the Italian Coast

Learn why the small Catalan-influenced fishing port of Collioure, ‘Pearl of the Vermillion Coast’, inspired Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Dufy and Chagall. An enchanting village with a pink bell tower and a castle by the sea, it features a fascinating Museum of Modern Art and more than 40 other art galleries. On Lipari, off Sicily’s north coast, breathe in the scent of rosemary, capers and gorse along cobbled alleys festooned with bougainvillea. Enjoy a walk to the ancient fortress, the Castle, to admire the Cathedral of St Bartholomew and the Monastery of the Holy Saviour, or sign out a Scenic Eclipse e-bike to explore at your own pace, taking a ride past gardens and wineries to charming seaside villages for a swim.

Kea and Patmos in the Aegean Islands

Just off Kea, the Cycladic island closest to Athens, discover the wreck of Titanic’s sister ship, HMHS Britannic which sank after hitting a mine during World War I. It now rests in 120 metres, well within the range of Scenic Neptune^, our six-person (plus pilot) submersible. On shore, an archaeological museum holds local artefacts, while the trek to the Lion of Kea reveals an ancient carving dating back to 600 BC. Look for native orchids and wild roses along the way.
Patmos, one of the smallest and most beautiful Aegean islands, is off the chart for most cruise ships. Our Discovery Guides explain the island’s spiritual side, from the Monastery of St John to the Cave of the Apocalypse, where the apostle John is believed to have written the Book of Revelation. Enjoy the lively capital, Chora, and stunning beaches.

Katapola and Paros: less frequented Greek Isles

Our Journey Designers have chosen two other Greek islands yet to be affected by mass tourism, Katapola (Amorgos) and Paros. Relax amidst Katapola’s vibrant, welcoming community, its waterfront lined with cafes, tavernas and moorings for fishing boats and visiting yachts. Visit the 1000-year-old Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, which literally hangs off a cliff, 300 metres above the sea. Be amazed by stories told by local archaeologists working at the Sanctuary of Apollo on Despotiko island, a live excavation site. Quieter than its more famous neighbours, Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos, Paros offers the perfect blend of tranquil, traditional villages, spectacular beaches and lively nightlife. 

Montenegro’s, Bay of Kotor

Scenic Eclipse comes into its own as it sails up the Mediterranean’s only fjord-like waterway, and into the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. Against a backdrop of steep, limestone cliffs, the fortified town of Kotor dates back to the Middle Ages and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander through a maze of cobblestone streets and hidden passageways to the fascinating Maritime Museum and Romanesque churches.

Immersive discovery 

Whether you choose to explore the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Croatia, Portugal to Greece, or sail up Western Europe’s coast to Belgium, our Discovery Guides strive to enhance your understanding of the ‘must see’ destinations, and provide the right amount of flexibility to explore at your own pace.