Scenic Eclipse: Winners of Voyage for Two Announced

Q&A with Antarctica Contest winners, Scott & Anne-Marie:

Scenic would love to give a huge congratulations to our Antarctica Contest winners, Scott & Anne-Marie, from Ontario! These two will be celebrating a special second honeymoon with a once in a lifetime experience to Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands on the Scenic Eclipse!

Read the interview below:

Who are you bringing with you on your Antarctica Voyage?
Scott: “My wife, Anne-Marie”
Which Antarctica Voyage did you select for your prize?
“Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands”
Have you ever thought of going to Antarctica before you won this trip? If no, any specifics why not?
Scott: “I have thought about visiting Antarctica or the Arctic but I hadn't managed to convince Anne-Marie. We visit Ottawa and Montreal quite often so she thought we saw enough snow.”
What does this prize mean for you, any special occasion or symbolic to celebrate?
Scott: “It's funny because we had begun talking about taking a second honeymoon in January. Our lunar horoscopes both said we should do it and that started our discussion. It was serendipitous that I got the call that we won the cruise the week following. I can't think of a more memorable place for a second honeymoon.”
What are you looking forward to experiencing the most in the region of Antarctica?
Scott: “Penguins of course! Our eldest daughter loves penguins so I think we'll be trying to get thousands of pictures of penguins. I also think the feeling of isolation and relatively barren landscape is going to be interesting throughout the cruise. I know there is Internet access so we won't actually be that isolated but we're still someplace not a lot of people have been.”
What are you looking forward to experiencing the most on-board the luxurious Scenic Eclipse?
Scott: “The Chef on the other Scenic cruise we've been on had some pretty delicious creations. I'm looking forward to the interesting dishes I'm sure there will be on the Antarctic cruise. We also try to get out kayaking in the summer. I'm not sure I'll convince Anne-Marie to kayak with icebergs but I'm going to try.”