Scenic moments from Portugal

Scenic Moments from Portugal & the Douro Valley

Portugal is one of Europe’s most historic countries, delighting the senses and warming the hearts of so many travellers. Picture yourself walking in cobblestone streets, vineyards and castles. When you first visit Portugal, be amazed by the famous friendliness of the people, the delicious food and wine and diversity of activities on offer. To help you plan a journey and cruise in Portugal, we hope that these images will provide some insights and inspiration. 
Port Tasting, Portugal
Many of the wine and port producing regions of the Douro Valley are World Heritage listed and have a history that dates to the 18th century... so the unique tastes you’ll be sampling have hundreds of years of craft and expertise to enjoy.

Pinhão Railway Station, Portugal
No train to catch, just here to check out the 20,000 elaborately hand-painted tiles, or azulejos, depicting scenes from Portuguese history at São Bento station in Pinhão. 
Scenic Azure - Standard Balcony Suite
Need help to choose where to watch the Portuguese towns and landscape float by along the Douro River Valley?  Try the lounge, top deck, bar or relax in your spacious suite on the Scenic Slumber Bed or in the Sun Lounge. There are many choices during your river cruise.  

Porto Street Scene, Portugal
Love to relax and watch the world go by on the streets of Porto.

Provesende streetscape, Portugal
Journalist and Scenic guest Mike Dunphy summed up Provesende as “resplendently showcasing the Portugal of yesteryear...”
Scenic Azure, Crystal Dining Room, Portugal river cruise
Sometimes the hardest choice is red or white... all included on board, of course.

Scenic Enrich - São Francisco Church, Porrugal
The sheer beauty of São Francisco Church will amaze you during your Scenic Enrich private concert. The façade is a mix of Gothic and Baroque architecture, while the interior appears to glow with intricate wood carvings swathed in gold. 

Coa Valley, Portugal
It’s the special moments on a Douro river cruise that you always remember, like sharing a meal in a traditional local family home in the Côa Valley.
Scenic Azure - Douro Valley, Portugal
The Douro Valley could as easily be called the enchanted valley; such is the beauty and magic that it offers. Even more so when you are on board your truly all-inclusive luxury Scenic Space-Ship with only up to 96 guests on board.

Scenic Azure Sundeck, Portugal River Cruising
When the wine and canapes complement the view, take the time to snap a photo to share with your friends back home....

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