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The Arctic: A Wildlife Wonder

There is something magical about the Arctic. It could be the stunning scenery of cascading waterfalls around the Norwegian fjords, or the rich culture of the region’s Indigenous peoples. However, for nature enthusiasts, it’s undoubtedly the vast diversity of Arctic wildlife that captivates the explorer within.
On a Scenic Eclipse ultra-luxury Expedition Voyage, you’ll be carefully guided by the highly trained and expert guides of the Discovery Team to safely and responsibly come close to the magnificent wildlife. There are more than 48 land mammals that call the Arctic home, so be prepared to indulge in some enviable photographic opportunities as the Discovery Team share their in-depth knowledge of this spectacular region. 
Depending on the timing during the season, you could witness the diverse wildlife that flourishes in the Arctic landscape and Norwegian Fjords, including Arctic foxes, polar bears, reindeer, muskoxen, walrus and whales. Be in awe of the vast selection of seabirds and feel the inspiring moments of connecting with the natural wonders of the Arctic and its beautiful creatures. 

The Mighty Polar Bear

One of the globally iconic animals you’ll encounter in the Arctic is the mighty polar bear. These marine animals spend much of their time on  sea ice hunting seals, walrus and small whales, coming ashore to give birth to their cubs.  Whenever you come into the domain of the ‘Ice Bear’, rest assured in the knowledge that our Discovery Team are equipped with bear deterrents ranging from flare pistols and pepper spray (depending on regulations). The landing areas are clearly marked by flags to define the limits of where you can walk, assuring your safety and compliance with regulations, designed to protect both guests and the polar bear’s natural habitat. 

Explore by Kayak or Zodiac

While the many species of land animals are wondrous to observe, the marine mammals are just as enthralling. With a fleet of kayak and Zodiac exploration vessels on board Scenic Eclipse, you’ll be amazed at the abundant sea life that can be viewed while exploring their icy habitats. Look out for humpback whales, belugas or rare blue whales, that may surface during your excursions – an event that your Discovery Team are highly adept to keeping watch for and show you. 

Large Bird Colonies

A paradise for bird watchers and enthusiasts, the Arctic region has large colonies of birds such as the tufted puffin, rhinoceros auklet and guillemot, some numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

The Arctic region covers the entire North Pole and includes many countries along its borders, impacting the food chain and weather patterns of our planet. Many marine animals rely on the sea ice to sustain their lifecycle – especially seals which depend on it to nurture their young and polar bears use it to hunt. Krill and cope pods feed on algae that grows beneath the ice sheet and in turn, fish and whales feed on the krill. This delicate ecosystem has been thriving for millions of years and to witness it up close and in comfort, where so few have travelled, is truly an unforgettable opportunity for the immersive traveller. 

Unique Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife encounters are not limited to your excursions with your Discovery Team. While on board, you can also spot wildlife using your Swarovski telescope from the observation lounge, or by using your in-suite binoculars to keep watch from the observation deck. The Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team are all experts and constantly on the lookout for these unique creatures. They will inform, educate and advise guests when opportunities for truly extraordinary encounters are likely, so that everyone can see the magical wildlife moments as they happen.

Where Ultra-Luxury Meets Discovery

If you have ever dreamed about visiting this truly remarkable destination, then the best way to make this a reality is to journey on board 6-star ultra-luxury Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yachts. 

The Scenic Eclipse crew will help you create memories which will last a lifetime on an Arctic cruise. Find out more about our 15-Day Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland voyage, from Oslo to Reykjavik, sailing July 22, 2022 and July 11, 2023, or many other Expedition Voyages.

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