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The World's Favourite Cocktails Revealed

When it comes to cocktails, a little of what you fancy is no bad thing. From a classic Cosmopolitan to the popular Espresso Martini, we all have our favourites – but which blends would make the list of the world’s favourite cocktail recipes? 

At Scenic, we take cocktails seriously. Like wine and beer, cocktails aren’t just a drink; often, their origins are interlinked with the history of people and place, so much so that, over the decades, they’ve become an integral part of local culture and tradition – offering a refined and authentic taste of the region.

If you love cocktails as much as us, join us as we reveal the world’s favourites. Using the power of Google data, we’ve uncovered the most searched-for cocktails through-out Europe and across the globe, so you can see how your own cocktail inclinations stack up against the rest of the world.


Europe's Favourite Cocktails

We’ve put together an interactive guide to Europe’s favourite cocktails – explore the map and discover which beverages are best-loved in each country on the continent.

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The Cosmopolitan proved a big a hit being the national favourite of some 16 countries throughout Europe. What’s perhaps most interesting is that it was the favourite aperitif of Russia, a nation which you’d not usually associate with such a glamorous – not to mention, American – cocktail.

In terms of the top other popular favourites throughout Europe, a couple of cocktails crept into the top 10 which didn’t appear in the UK, including the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, and the Moscow Mule, which we wrongly assumed would be Russia’s go-to blend.

Italy Snubs Its Classic Spritz

Aperol Spritz may be reminiscent of sunlit evenings on the Italian Riviera, but surprisingly, the cocktail proved not all that popular on the famous ‘Boot’. It came in a respectable fourth place behind Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Negroni, suggesting that either the Italians aren’t that fond of their unofficial national drink, or that they’re already masters of making them, to the point where there’s very little need to call on Google.

Either way, if you love Aperol Spritz, we’d recommend following in the Italians’ footsteps and trying a Negroni. With similar summertime appeal, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a lazy afternoon in the garden. Find out how to make it in the recipe card above.

The World's Favourite Cocktails

From the US to Australia, cocktails are beloved the world over, but is there much difference in the aperitifs people drink in all four corners of the globe?
Let’s find out.

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The all-conquering cosmopolitan – a darling of Canada, Europe, and the USA alike – once again proved the most popular – cementing it as the world’s go-to cocktail. The vodka-based aperitif was most searched in some 53 countries, including a few left-field regions like Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Guyana.

Here’s a look at the 10 most popular cocktails in the world, ranked by the number of countries where they’re most searched.

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