Top 10 Active Guest Experiences on Scenic European River Cruises

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves their routine or an active traveller who wants to hike, kayak and cycle their way around the world, there’s always an activity for you on a Scenic European river cruise.

Our selection of Scenic Freechoice activities allows you to customise your trip, so you can explore remarkable destinations according to your interests and preferred pace. Choose from up to six activities each day rated Active, Moderate or Relaxed, all included in your cruise price. 

In this blog, find out the 10 must-do Scenic Freechoice activities that are perfect for travellers who want to discover Europe at a more active pace.

1. Take a Walking Tour of a German Castle  

Walking tours are a great way to stay active while being immersed in the history and culture of your destination.

In Germany, learn about the Thurn und Taxis castle in the Bavarian city of Regensburg on foot before having time to explore the grounds by yourself.

Experience this on the Jewels of Europe itinerary.

2. Tour Bordeaux, France by E-bike 

Cycling tours are the perfect way to see more sites and be active. When using Scenic’s complimentary e-bikes (electronically assisted bicycles) you can enjoy the ease of roaming the countryside, towns and villages with friends and family.

Bordeaux, France, is one of the best destinations for this type of activity. Join a local guide for an e-bike tour of the city, including the riverside promenade.

Experience this on the Beautiful Bordeaux, Bordeaux Affair, Flavours of Bordeaux itineraries.

3. Tour Libourne, France, on an E-bike

You can easily change your pace during an e-bike excursion, by cycling unassisted when you want to work up a sweat or turn on the electric mode to be more relaxed and enjoy the view.

The beautiful wine-growing region of Libourne, France, is an invitation for an e-bike tour. Cycle to the historic estate of Château Siaurac to learn about their award-winning wines and enjoy a rewarding taste.

Experience this on the Beautiful Bordeaux, Bordeaux Affair, Flavours of Bordeaux itineraries.

4. Hike to a Fortress in Normandy, France 

Get truly into active mode with a hiking tour. In Normandy, France, hike to the 12th-century Château Gaillard, built by Richard the Lionheart. Take in sweeping views over the Seine River and learn about the medieval ruins from your local guide, who will be dressed as Richard the Lionheart.

Experience this on the Normandy & Gems of the Seine itinerary.

5. Kayak Through Belgrade, Serbia 

Get active on the water with a kayaking tour to see a destination from a whole new angle. See Serbia’s capital Belgrade from the water when paddling down the Danube.

Experience this on the Danube Delta Discovery and Black Sea Explorer itineraries.

6. Kayak to an Aqueduct in Avignon, France 

There are also unique sights to spot from a kayak. When paddling down the Gardon River in Avignon, France, you’ll see the imposing Pont du Gard, a 1st-century Roman aqueduct.
Experience this on the Spectacular South of France itinerary.

7. Explore Veere, the Netherlands, by E-bike 

Do as the Dutch do and explore the streets of Veere on two wheels. You'll cycle through unique architecture and spot the seafront dyke.


Experience this on the Romantic Rhine and Moselle itinerary.

8. Hike to a Fortress in the Mountains of Bulgaria 

Join a hiking tour to Belogradchik Fortress in Bulgaria. One of the best-preserved fortresses in the country, it was first built by the Romans from the 1st to 3rd centuries and is nestled amongst the rocks of the Balkan Mountains.

Experience this on the Danube Delta Discovery itinerary.

9. Climb Europe’s Tallest Sand Dune in France 

For a unique active experience, join the Scenic Freechoice activity of climbing Dune du Pilat, Europe’s tallest sand dune. Found outside Bordeaux, the sand dune stretches about 107 metres high and 2.7 kilometres long. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Experience this on the Beautiful Bordeaux itinerary.

10. Walk Portugal’s Paiva Walkways 

The Paiva Walkways are an 8-kilometre walkway along the Paiva River in Portugal. See what the Arouca Geopark has to offer, including plunging cliff faces, rushing waters and ancient rock formations.

Experience this on the Unforgettable Douro itinerary.

Extra: Get active on board your 5-star Scenic Space-Ship 

While sailing through European waters, nurture and treat yourself with our wide range of truly all-inclusive health, fitness and wellness amenities, including our state-of-the-art gym and a stretching class with a wellness coach. Alternatively, head to the walking track on the Sun Deck to keep moving while appreciating the beautiful, ever-changing river views.

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