image of antarctic landscape

Unearthing Antarctica: A Timeline of Discovery

Close encounters and boundless discovery – welcome to Antarctica, where adventure awaits.

Antarctica has long inspired discovery, adventure and exploration. Since Captain Cook stumbled upon this awe-inspiring wilderness of ice and snow, countless others have followed – with hundreds of voyages and expeditions setting forth to chart the unknown.

Now, some 250 years since its discovery, the Antarctic continues to entice those in search of adventure – its otherworldly scenery and majestic wildlife providing the ultimate travel experience. But we mustn’t forget who put this wild wonder on the map, giving us the chance to walk in their shoes and experience the extraordinary.

Join us as we unearth the legacy of discovery in Antarctica, touching on the people, places and events which shone a light on the edge of the world.

First Sightings

When Captain Cook crossed the Antarctic Circle in the 18th century, it heralded a new dawn of discovery and adventure at the edge of the world. Find out about the first sightings and early expeditions to Antarctica.

New Discoveries

With the Industrial Revolution providing new technology and equipment, expeditions to Antarctica became more frequent in the 19th century – culminating in the legendary exploits of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the very first British Antarctic Expedition.

The War Years

The First and Second World Wars did little to slow Antarctic discovery. On the contrary, fearing the enemy would get their first, the British planned specialist wartime expeditions to the South Pole, laying the foundation for future Antarctic research.

Marine Discovery and Conservation

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