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What to Expect Along the Flam Railway: Norway's Most Beautiful Train Journey

The wild wonder of the Norwegian Fjordlands is yours to savour on the Flåmsbana, Europe's most evocative railway.

Most railways are built for convenience sake, but not Flam. This majestic rail route’s sole agenda is to showcase the beauty of Norway’s rugged fjords, a role it carries out with confidence. Negotiating glacial valleys and alpine mountains, the Flam Railway connects the wild landscapes of the Hardangervidda National Park with the serene banks of the Aurlandsfjord – a needless journey, but one you’ll surely never forget.

Europe is home to several such for-the-sake-of-it train journeys, but none match the drama of the Flam Railway. Developed in the 1920s, the railway has been carrying passengers to and fro between wilderness and civilisation for decades now, and the enduring beauty of the fjords means it’s a journey that will never get old.

As part of your unforgettable voyage on board The World’s First Discovery Yacht™, Scenic Eclipse, you’ll have the chance to ride the Flam Railway as part of an optional Scenic Freechoice excursion. To inspire your visit, we’ve pieced together a guide to this enchanting railway – from its history and origins, to its breath-taking highlights.

Introducing the Flåmsbana - The Most Beautiful Train Ride in the World

flam railway

Cutting a course through Norway’s serene fjordlands, the historic and beloved Flam Railway is rightly considered among the world’s foremost scenic rail routes. Running for some 12 miles between the village of Flam and the frontier settlement of Myrdal Station, the journey is by no means long, but is easily the most picturesque and dramatic of all Europe’s iconic rail passages.

Construction of the Flam Railway – or Flåmsbana as it’s known locally – began in 1924, with the last section of track completed 16 years later, in 1940. Despite being only 12 miles long, the railway is considered an impressive feat of engineering for the steepness of its tracks alone – with over 80% of the route running on lines pitched at a steep gradient of 55%.

From mountains to fjord, the Flåmsbana transports its passengers through a wild, untouched landscape, passing waterfalls, forests and a continuous ribbon of snow-capped peaks along the way. Marvel at the power of Kjosfossen Waterfall, admire the lush alpine vegetation of Hardangervidda National Park, and gaze in wonder at Sognefjord, Norway’s longest, deepest and most revered ‘King of the Fjords’, on this unforgettable rail journey.

The Flam Railway Route 

Experience the Flåm Railway with Scenic Freechoice


Experience the elemental wonders of the Norwegian fjordlands in style on an all-day journey on board the wonderful Flam Railway. Included as part of our flexible Scenic Freechoice excursion option, you’ll ride the rails from Flam to Myrdal Station on a day of memorable discovery, with designated stops along the route to help you see more of this spectacular region.

Available on selected Scenic Eclipse itineraries to the Arctic and Fjords, this wonderful Scenic Freechoice event promises a day of unrivalled natural wonder. Take in the beauty of Aurlandsfjord and the imposing force of the Kjosfossen Waterfall, as you savour every minute spent travelling through this untouched region on board the legendary Flam Railway.


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