Why is a Japan cruise on board Scenic Eclipse so unique? Hear from Scenic Asia Journey Designer, Adam Burke.

A land of ancient and well-preserved cultures, that coexist harmoniously with cutting-edge technology and modern cities, Japan combines many experiences within one journey.  
Adam Burke, Scenic Asia Journey Designer since 2015, will explain why a Scenic Eclipse voyage in 2023 and 2024 is the best way to explore this land of contrasts. “If I could define a Scenic Eclipse voyage in Japan in three words, these would be luxury, immersion and memories". 

The ultra-luxury experience

Deluxe verandah suite
Teppanyaki restaurant on board Eclipse
senses spa on board Eclipse
“A Scenic Eclipse cruise is the best way to witness the length, breadth and beautiful coastline of Japan. You unpack just once and are still able to experience all the various local customs, traditions, sights and natural wonders of the country in ultra luxury", said Adam. 
Every detail of your journey is taken care of, including transfers, tipping, all-inclusive touring and dining experiences, and so much more. Then, after a day of exploring, you can unwind in your choice of Scenic Eclipse's all-inclusive nine bars and lounges, up to 10 dining experiences, enjoy a treatment in the 550m2 Senses Spa, or relax on your private verandah with the personalised butler service bringing your favourite drink. 

Exclusive Scenic Enrich moments

A handpicked range of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Scenic Enrich moments are designed to truly immerse you in your destination. Adam detailed some of the highlights of the 2023/2024 Japan program, featuring: 
“In Kanazawa, we spend an evening in a historical building overlooking the Kanazawa castle with Japanese drinks and canapes. Entertainment includes multiple Kanazawa Geikos and Maikos (apprentice Geishas) giving a performance and providing the opportunity where guests will be able to mix and chat with them. Plus, they can experience in a Kagami-biraki, a ceremony unique to Japan in which the lid of a round sake barrel is broken open with a wooden hammer and the sake is enjoyed by everyone".  
“In Tokyo, we spend an evening with Japanese drinks and canapes where guests will also partake in Kagami-biraki. They will witness a ceremony including prayers by Shinto priests, a performance of Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) and a dedication of Kagura (Shinto music). This is a Shinto ritual that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times, and is reserved exclusively for Scenic guests to pray for longevity and safety of the voyage", explains Adam. 
Geisha Kyoto Japan

Technology, tradition and nature

Main Gate Fushimi Japan
Sushi making
Shimizu waterfalls in Japan
On a Scenic Eclipse voyage, you can experience every aspect of what makes Japan such an incredible destination. Enjoy a vast range of included activities, sightseeing and dining experiences through your Scenic Freechoice options, which allow you to personalise your trip to suit your interests and pace. 
“Combined with the holiday experiences of the ship itself, through our Scenic Freechoice offerings in every port you have the option to choose which activity most suits your interests. Throughout the cruise and the various ports, there will be ample opportunity to see all that Japan has to offer – from history to its natural wonders and ultra-modern cities”, comments Adam.  

For him, it is even hard to pick just a few highlights among experiences that range from a visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto to the impressive Shiraito Falls and a Japanese cooking class in Kanazawa, for example. "This will vary on your own interests, whether they be about food, nature, culture, tradition and history, as each port will cater to each in varying degrees. That in itself is a highlight of the cruise – it offers many dimensions".

What makes a Scenic Eclipse voyage to Japan truly unique ?

Sado Island Japan
“Guests are surprised by the ability to experience the full breadth of Japanese experiences, being culture, history, food and natural wonders, all in one cruise that visits both major cities like Tokyo and lesser known ports such as Sado Island, Maizuru and Hagi". Adam said, “With its world-class design, Scenic Eclipse can access remote ports and mainland cities, all in one trip, taking guests to explore the stunning coastline while indulging in the luxury of the on board experiences”. 

Make 2023 the year you experience all the richness of Japan in truly all-inclusive, 6-star ultra-luxury. Request your complimentary brochure for more details.