Your Well-being, Your Way on a Scenic River Cruise in South East Asia

It’s more than wellness on a Scenic South East Asia River Cruise

A cruise along the lengthy Mekong River takes you to the very heart and essence of this vibrant and exotic region.  It’s here on the nourishing delta of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, that you can witness and experience the essence of life, culture and daily practices of the people. On a Scenic 5-star truly all-inclusive river cruise, you can take it all in from the river itself and feel connected to the destination.  
There are a broad range of wellness amenities and features on board Scenic Spirit designed for your pampering, rejuvenation and relaxation. Watch as locals rise with the sun and attend a morning yoga class on the Sun Deck as daylight awakens activity on the river. Test your core strength in Pilates classes or take weight training sessions at the gym – it’s all included.  

When dining, if your tastes lead you to choose a vegan salad or a succulent steak, you can expect to enjoy the freshest of flavours in your cuisine – as our chefs visit local food markets during the cruise, supporting the communities of the Mekong. 

You’ll find that a journey with Scenic offers more than healthy choices, it’s wellness that nourishes mind, body and soul.  
Here are some wellbeing options you can experience during your truly all-inclusive luxury Scenic river cruise along the Mekong: 

It’s more than a small ship experience... 

Intimate experiences are guaranteed on Scenic Spirit with only 68 guests on board. This philosophy extends to all our shore excursions, with small group sizes limited to 24 guests per Tour Director.  

With Scenic Freechoice, you have the freedom to personalise your river cruise and pursue your own interests, with everything included from Khmer cooking lessons to tuk tuk rides to the markets. 

The handpicked, varied and fascinating excursion options allow you to choose a pace that suits you, whether it be a wellness experience one day or a vibrant cultural event the next. 

Our exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences will be one of the main highlights of your journey, taking you deeper into the culture of Vietnam and Cambodia through immersive, once-in-a-lifetime performances and sacred local experiences. Take part in activities and events that are invigorating for the body and mind.  

It’s more than special events, it’s private Scenic Enrich experiences alongside ancient World Heritage-listed temples.  
Scenic Freechoice cooking class
Scenic Freechoice - Vespa Foodie Tour

It’s more than personalised travel... 

You have the freedom to choose how to restore your mind and body while on board Scenic Spirit. Begin your day with some gentle stretches in the morning yoga class on the Sun Deck, or during a Pilates class at the Wellness Centre on Gem Deck. Let our wellness experts guide you through a session of mindful meditation or soak up some warm sunlight during a stroll on the walking track. For a morning of peaceful solitude, simply have your butler deliver your morning coffee and breakfast to your suite as you dine in your private Scenic Sun Lounge, while taking in the ever-changing scenery.  

A variety of open public spaces on board offer you the chance to enjoy a drink in private or catch up with new friends over coffee. Take in the views from the Observation Lounge, savour a cocktail amid the fresh river breeze in the Outdoor Lounge, or pick up an interesting book in the library. All of the indoor public spaces and suites are fully ventilated with pre-treated fresh air. 

It’s more than personalised travel, it’s everything you desire taken to the Nth degree.  

It’s more than a daily fitness routine... 

The on board gym is located on Gem Deck and is equipped with all the latest fitness equipment, to help you keep up your exercise routine while on holiday. Enjoy the use of internet-connected bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, free weights, and resistance training equipment. For the ideal workout recovery and detox, head to the on board steam sauna, situated on the same deck. The indulgent swimming pool on the Diamond Deck is designed to help you stay on track of fitness goals while taking in the beautiful riverside scenery.  

A relaxing spa is in the Wellness Centre on the Gem Deck. Designed for restoration during your cruise, you will find a wide range of treatments* curated to meet your specific needs. Try a deep tissue traditional Khmer massage before bedtime for a sound and relaxing sleep or stimulate your immune system with a relaxing foot reflexology session. You can even choose to have your hair styled by asking your Butler to book an appointment at our hair salon*. 

A number of active Scenic Freechoice excursions allow you to incorporate some fitness into your onshore explorations as well. Revitalising walks through local markets and guided city tours will be just what you need to meet your daily step count target. 

It’s more than outstanding food and wine... 

Seafood is abundant in this region and forms the basis of so many classic local dishes. Guests on Scenic Spirit can choose from up to four dining options and an extensive menu that is refreshed almost daily. Sample local seafood and other flavours,, including seasoning from our on board herb garden and regional delicacies with local, global, and fusion cuisine prepared by our chefs. Our Chefs can personalise dishes according to your dietary needs  

Try exotic local dishes like tarantulas or stick to traditional favourites like a club sandwich. Enjoy an al fresco lunch at the River Café or ring your butler for an in-suite meal in the privacy of your suite. For the ultimate fine dining experience, Diamond Deck guests on Scenic Spirit also enjoy a 10-course degustation menu at the Chef’s Table.  

Discover exotic new local fruits every day at our juicing stations and hear our staff passionately explain their significance to the region. Try the creamy and fresh yoghurts that are all prepared fresh on board by our culinary team using ingredients sourced from local suppliers.  

When you want to unwind with a drink, select from our range of all-inclusive premium beverages, with more than 70 international spirits, a selection of beers and 50 fine wines sourced from around the world that are expertly paired with the food menus.  

It’s more than outstanding food and wine – it's freshly prepared meals by our chefs made from produce sourced regularly from local markets and villages, supporting communities and providing the true flavours of the region.  
Vietnamese Cuisine
Fruit juice bar

Commitment to your health & safety 

We understand the importance of maintaining your wellbeing whilst travelling. Our team has worked closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government health agencies to implement a full range of health and safety protocols for our river cruise operations. 
Read further information on these policies. Cruise with confidence | Our commitment to your health & safety - Scenic° 

*Spa and hair treatments are at an additional cost. 

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