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Scenic Space-Ships: A Small Ship Experience of Europe’s Rivers

When it comes to the historic waterways of Europe and the ships that navigate them, size matters. At Scenic, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Our Space-Ships are specially designed to navigate Europe’s rivers, offering an abundance of spacious public areas to unwind in for a relaxing river cruise experience.
With only up to 163 guests, our Space-Ships evoke a more personalised and intimate environment, letting you make yourself at home, meet like-minded travelers and enjoy our promise of truly all-inclusive luxury. The Scenic Difference means that you can expect impeccable service, exclusive moments, world-class dining, and a river cruise handcrafted to meet your needs.
Your journey on board a Scenic Space-Ship will be one awarding plenty of space – space to relax, explore, indulge and dream, guaranteeing memories to cherish for a lifetime as you discover the beauty of Europe.
The world may have changed, but our commitment to our guests’ health, well-being, peace-of-mind and safety remains as consistent and strong as ever. Here are the benefits of choosing Scenic for your next luxurious small ship experience through Europe.

Relish space to yourself

With no more than 163 guests on board and numerous spacious public areas, it’s easy to find a quiet spot to relax and indulge on a Scenic Space-Ship. Fewer guests on board, coupled with spacious suites, a variety of large dining areas and comfortable public spaces brings a feeling of ultimate luxury.

The Sun Deck runs the entire length and width of each Space-Ship, offering an expansive rooftop area where you can take in the fresh air and watch the serene landscapes of Europe pass by. Sit back in one of the cozy sun loungers, stay active on the walking track or join us for an early morning yoga class – the perfect way to rejuvenate your spirits.

The spacious Panorama Lounge & Bar is at the heart of each Space-Ship. You can relax near the floor-to-ceiling windows, taking in the picturesque scenery over a drink with newfound friends. There is plenty of room to unwind, there are no long walks back to your suite, and it’s almost impossible to get lost, so it’s no wonder this is always one of our guests’ favourite spots.

An important part of every Scenic Europe river cruise is the cuisine. The clever design of our Space-Ships has enabled the inclusion of up to five dining venues. You can choose casual or fine dining, savouring a multicultural menu of cuisine to suit all taste buds. Crystal Dining serves delectable three-course meals, while River Café is ideal for a light snack – the choice is yours.

Bring the outdoors in from your Scenic Sun Lounge

There’s nothing quite like watching the riverside views and enjoying the fresh air from your very own balcony. Our innovative Scenic Sun Lounge is a feature on all Balcony Suites and above. At the touch of a button, the glass smoothly glides down to convert the area into our exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge. This special suite sanctuary is perfect for dining al fresco, relaxing with a book, or simply enjoying a morning coffee, bringing the outdoors in as you watch stunning scenery glide by.
The in-suite amenities include having your very own mini-bar replenished daily, private butler service, and in-suite dining, so your river cruising experience can be as solitary as you like. 

Explore small riverside towns

One of the best parts about a river cruise is visiting many different places in one journey. The riverbanks are alive with historic riches, natural beauty and vibrant towns just waiting to be uncovered. You’ll meander along Europe’s waterways, often close to shore, letting you enjoy a constantly changing view. Witness ancient castles perched above the riverbanks, rolling vineyards, and charming old-world communities. Quite often, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Our Space-Ships are designed to be able to dock right in the heart of small riverside towns, giving you time to explore such magnificent sights onshore. As well as our Scenic Freechoice excursions and special Scenic Enrich experiences, you’ll have the chance to visit local businesses at your leisure, such as wineries, cafés and market stalls. Just one of the many benefits of the small ship experience.

Maintain well-being and a healthy lifestyle

All of our Europe river cruise itineraries have been carefully crafted to allow you to tailor your holiday to suit you. Our range of Scenic Freechoice excursions and activities provide many opportunities to explore the history, cuisine and sights of each destination you visit, your way.

One day you may be hiking through the Black Forest and the next using one of our on board e-bikes to explore the cobblestone lanes of a riverside town such as Cochem or Bordeaux. If you’re after a more chilled pace, there are relaxing walking city tours, or you can even choose to remain on the ship if you wish. However you’d like to stay active, there’s a pace to suit everyone.

If you’re seeking time to rejuvenate, visit our exclusive on board Salt Therapy Lounge. This peaceful retreat allows only a few people at a time, letting you relax and revive in peaceful surrounds. Added to this are the health benefits of salt therapy, including natural antihistamine, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Feel instantly invigorated and benefit from the long-term effects, including strengthening the immune system and helping to relieve symptoms for a range of conditions.

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

With Scenic, you can guarantee a truly all-inclusive, small ship experience, uncovering the many delightful regions of Europe. From our choice of spacious suites and our variety of dining venues, to our luxurious relaxation areas and comfortable public spaces, there’s no shortage of places on board to unwind and relax throughout your journey. You can learn more about the on board features of our Space-Ships here.


We understand the importance of maintaining your health and wellness whilst travelling. Our team is working closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government health agencies to implement a full range of health and wellness measures for the resumption of our river cruise operations. Read further information on these policies.