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Europe & The Mediterranean Offers

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Taste of the Seafaring Nations

7 days
Porto Pier > Dublin
from $5,450

Iberia Wonders

7 days
Barcelona > Porto Pier
from $5,930

Mediterranean Treasures

8 days
Istanbul > Athens
from $6,700

Mediterranean Wonders

8 days
Athens > Venice
from $6,700

Discover Spain & Morocco

9 days
Tenerife > Barcelona
Combine the North of Africa with the South of Europe on a 9 day cruise from Tenerife to Barcelona. Highlights include Casablanca, Gibraltar and Cartagena.
from $8,465

Eastern Mediterranean Treasures

10 days
Venice > Barcelona
Get to know the delicious culture, cuisine and landscapes of this region on this luxurious 10 day cruise in the Mediterranean from Venice to Barcelona.
from $9,015

Taste of Cuba & the Caribbean

10 days
Miami > Cartagena
Discover the allure of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in Cuban culture and explore the beauty of Jamaica on this 10 day cruise from Miami to Cartagena.
from $9,650

Discover the British Isles

11 days
Dublin > Bergen
Explore the British Isle from Dublin to Bergen and enjoy what Britannia has more to offer as you spend time on magical islands and beautiful ports.
from $10,395

Panama, Colombia & Ecuador Discovery

8 days
Cartagena > Guayaquil
Discover the hidden gems of Panama, Colombia and Ecuador and sail through the famous Panama Canal on this 8 day cruise from Cartagena to Guayaquil.
from $10,405

Jewels of Iberia & Ireland

13 days
Barcelona > Dublin
Discover diverse cultures and landscapes on this luxurious 13 day cruise that takes you to the highlights of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Norway.
from $11,855

Iceland Discovery

10 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
Learn all about the local mythical and mysterious tales, discover volcanoes and thermal spas and more on this 10 day cruise around beautiful Iceland.
from $12,185

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from $12,380

Cuba in Depth

14 days
Miami > Miami
Cuba is well known for cigars, salsa and tropical beaches. Discover ever inch of it on this 14 day cruise that takes you to the smallest ports of Cuba.
from $9,090

Mediterranean Discovery

15 days
Istanbul > Venice
Try the delicious local cuisine, learn all about the rich history and relax in the sun on this unique 15 day Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Venice.
from $13,395

ANZAC Day Mediterranean Discovery

15 days
Barcelona > Istanbul
Discover the Europe of your imagination and experience a moving ANZAC Day in Gallipoli on this luxurious 15 day cruise from Barcelona to Istanbul.
from $13,595

Chilean Fjords & Falkland Islands

14 days
Valparaiso > Ushuaia
Discover the beautiful nature of Chile and Argentina on a 14 day cruise that sails to the Fjords of South America and takes you to the Falkland Islands.
from $14,880

Ultimate Arctic

11 days
Longyearbyen > Longyearbyen
Enjoy the endless summer days, try to spot Polar bears and discover the northernmost islands on this 11 day discovery cruise in the Arctic circle.
from $15,940

Iceland & Atlantic Canada

13 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
On this 13 day cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec City you will love discovering the islands that connect the American continent to the European continent.
from $17,375

Norwegian Fjords

13 days
Longyearbyen > Bergen
Discover one of the northernmost islands in the world before sailing to the famous Norwegian Fjords on this 13 day cruise from Longyearben to Bergen.
from $18,405

Caribbean & Central America Treasures

17 days
Miami > Guayaquil
Discover some of the most beautiful Caribbean islands and explore the majestic rainforests of Central America on a 17 day cruise from Miami to Guayaquil.
from $19,420

Ultimate Antarctica

12 days
Ushuaia > Ushuaia
This 12 day cruise takes you to some of the most remote places in the Southern Hemisphere. Nothing will prepare you for the wonder of visiting Antarctica.
from $24,105

Ultimate Viking & Iceland Discovery

19 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Take the classic Viking route and enjoy the wonderful landscapes found along this 18 day cruise from Norway to Scotland and from Scotland to Iceland.
from $24,560

Footsteps of the Seafaring Nations

23 days
Barcelona > Bergen
This cruise truly covers the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, the British Isles and a part of Scandinavia sailing from Barcelona to Bergen over 23 days.
from $24,945

Ultimate Vikings & Atlantic Canada

22 days
Reykjavik > Quebec Pier
This amazing 22 day luxury cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec Pier will showcase the highlights of Volcanic Iceland, Icy Greenland and French Canada.
from $28,425

Ultimate Arctic & Fjords

23 days
Bergen > Longyearbyen
Witness phenomenal landscapes as you visit the majestic Fjords of Norway before heading to the Arctic on this 23 day cruise from Bergen to Longyearbyen.
from $36,190

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

21 days
Ushuaia > Ushuaia
Imagine yourself a true explorer on this 21 day luxury cruise that sails to the Falkland Island, South Georgia and the astounding Antarctic Peninsula.
from $38,070

Ultimate Chilean Fjords & Antarctica

25 days
Valparaiso > Ushuaia
A beautiful cruise discovering the Chilean Fjords before exploring the extraordinary Antarctic Peninsula on a 25 day exploration from Valparaiso to Ushuaia.
from $41,060

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

22 days
Ushuaia > Buenos Aires
Discover Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands on this 22 day cruise from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires. Truly an unforgettable experience.
from $42,045

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