Excursions & Discovery

Beyond Adventure

Handcrafted by our experienced Journey Designers and Discovery Leaders, our extensive range of shore excursions are all-inclusive and designed to showcase the extraordinary wonders each destination has to offer.

Our Scenic Enrich experiences are exclusive and unique encounters that will be truly memorable. These special moments will add a deeper dimension to your cruise and leave you with amazing memories to treasure forever.

All our guests are different so we’ve divided our comprehensive program of all-inclusive Scenic Freechoice activities to suit all paces and interests.

From our active discovery excursions by Zodiac, kayak, snorkelling, snow shoe or e-bikes, to Scenic Freechoice activities, you’ll have absolute freedom throughout your cruise to select whatever is your preference. Whether you’re a keen naturalist, adventurer or art lover, we have a choice for you.

From escorted kayak excursions to a tour of a local art gallery and everything in between, there is a wealth of selections, whichever cruise you choose.

Why choose Scenic?


Scenic Discovery

Our Scenic Discovery excursions, which take guests on exploratory guided tours on board Zodiacs, kayaks and e-bikes, allow for a full adventure experience like nothing else. These excursions also include snorkelling underneath lush, clear waters in the Caribbean, hiking across the Arctic tundra and kayaking close to breathtaking marine life.

Scenic Enrich

All-inclusive and exclusive, our unique Scenic Enrich encounters take you behind the scenes to enjoy private access and special moments not available to the ordinary traveller. Marvel at the private display of the equestrian ballet performed by the horses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and witness private concerts inside World Heritage-listed cities.


Scenic Freechoice

Scenic Freechoice offers you the flexibility to pick the expert-led shore excursion experiences that suit your taste. No matter if you prefer a relaxed pace or you want to fit in as much as possible, there is a diverse range of all-inclusive activities from relaxing in the volcanic hot pools of Iceland, to exploring World Heritage-listed sites of Seville, you're spoilt for choice.

Discovery Excursions


Explore by Zodiac

Get up close and personal on a Scenic Eclipse Zodiac excursion. Our fleet of extraordinary Zodiacs allow guests to catch a glimpse of uncharted territory and encounter once-in-a-lifetime sights, such as a breath-taking pod of whales in the Arctic ocean, or a waddle of penguins traversing the Antarctic landscape.

Adventure by Kayak

Kayaking with the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team is an intensely intimate experience, and one that sets our itineraries apart from the rest. Even the most seasoned explorers have not yet felt the fresh, cool ocean breeze as they paddle out amongst rich marine and bird life around Stornoway. Nor have they explored the calm seas surrounding Greece's Milos Island.

Take to the skies

Let our state-of-the-art Airbus EC-130-T2 helicopters take you above and beyond the horizon. Feel like a pioneer explorer on the frontiers of planet Earth as you, along with five other guests, soar above places that are strictly out of reach for the ordinary traveller.

Beneath the surface

An underwater experience like no other, journey to the depths of the ocean on board Scenic Neptune, Scenic Eclipse's customised submarine. Capable of diving down to 300 metres, Scenic Neptune can seat up to six guests, as well as our specialist pilot. 

Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team

Our Discovery Leaders are experts in their fields. They will share their insights into the environment, history and culture of each region and their personal highlights so you are ready to explore the many new horizons that await onshore.
They are complemented by local guides, regional specialists and local community experts, all of whom are integral to your shore excursion experiences. Each Discovery Leader is an expert in their field, providing you first-hand with unrivalled knowledge and insights on everything from the environment, history and culture of each region you visit. Combined decades of rich experiences and in-depth research will be boiled down to expert lessons on your surroundings - there's simply no better way to experience a place.
After all, nobody knows a location as well as someone who actually lives there.