Russia & European Arctic Including Northwest Passage

Explore carved glaciers and towering bird cliffs, or walk in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers on the Scenic Eclipse fleet's second ship Russia Arctic and European cruise

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The Russian Artic is a region of vast natural beauty, with huge skies and snow-capped mountains, it is both beguiling and utterly stunning!
On the Scenic Eclipse fleet's second ship's Russia Arctic and European cruise, you can choose form a wide range of itineraries and explore everything from the stark beauty of the Arkhangelsk and Solovetsky islands, to the coastline of Greenland and Iceland with its carved glaciers and towering bird cliffs. Make sure to keep your eyes open for walruses, reindeer and even the odd polar bear!

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Across the Arctic Circle

Tour map
13 Day Cruise from Copenhagen > Tromsø
Norway’s beautiful coastline offers scenery on an epic scale: the immense size of the magnificent fjords, the cascading waterfalls, the picturesque fishing villages and dramatic snow-capped mountains with farms clinging to their slopes are a sight to behold. Our journey is a ship-based exploration of three distinct regions. From the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen we will experience a wealth of the ancient history, that continues up the stunning Norwegian coastline of islands and fjords and finally across the Arctic Cirlce to Tromsø.

Cruise Highlights
- Cruise whale-rich waters and visit colourful fishing villages
- Walk through dramatic landscapes and visit ancient cultural sites
- Explore some of the most amazing fjords on earth
- Cross the Arctic Circle and experience 24 hours of sunlight.

Departing 10 Jun 2020

Into the White Sea, Russia

Tour map
14 Day Cruise from Tromsø > Tromsø
The White Sea is a treat for the explorers at heart, and our luxurious voyage will more than satisfy those who long to experience the delights of an untamed territory. Our cruise will concentrate on Archangelsk and Solovetsky islands.

Beginning our voyage in Norway’s most northern port Tromsø, we explore the North Cape and into Murmansk, the entry point to our Russian Arctic immersion. A forbidden area for decades and still somewhat of a mystery today because of its geographic isolation, it is a region whose magic is waiting to be discovered.

Cruise Highlights
- Explore the magnificent northern landscape of Finmark, the wilderness area home to many thousands of Sami people
- Visit the world’s largest Arctic city, Murmansk, in northwestern Russia
- Explore the remote and little visited area of the White Sea
- Land on Morzhovets Island, the Kanin Peninsula and Shoina Village, the world’s northernmost desert
- Experience the mystical, ethereal and timeless delights of the World Heritage-listed Site, the Solovetsky archipelago in the middle of the White Sea
- Wander the rarely visited beautifully preserved town of Arkhangelsk, on the banks of the Northern Dvina River

Departing 22 Jun & 5 Jul 2020

Arctic Jewel

Tour map
10 Day Cruise from Tromsø > Longyearbyen
The Arctic Jewel reveals the diversity of the Svalbard Archipelago and takes us into the kingdom of the polar bear. Our journey is a ship-based exploration of Spitsbergen. We explore the coastline, with no open sea crossings, against a backdrop of spectacular peaks. We discover fjords in the west; mysterious and fossil-rich desert mountains in the east. The aim to do a full circumnavigation of Spitsbergen and its off-lying islands (dependent on ice conditions), taking us within 600 nautical miles of the North Pole.

Cruise Highlights
- Glide through narrow sheltered waterways and stunning fjords
- Witness spectacular mountains rising directly out of the sea
- Explore the many historic sites of offer: museums, whaling stations, geology and fossils
- Enjoy the most wildlife-rich part of the Arctic – polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, sea birds and whales
- Search for the king of the Arctic, the mighty polar bear
- Wander the varied terrain of icecaps, tundra and rocky hillsides over short distances
- Sea ice and active glaciers
- Experience the wonder of the Summer months when the midnight sun creates 24 hours of sunlight
- Voyage close to (within 600 miles of) the North Pole

Departing 18 Jul 2020

Three Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Tour map
14 Day Cruise from Longyearbyen > Reykjavik
Starting on Spitsbergen, you will explore its coastline of carved glaciers and towering bird cliffs, pack ice, spot walruses, reindeer and even polar bear. Crossing the Greenland Sea, we follow the Greenlandic coastline through some of the largest fjord systems in the world before reaching our finishing point of Iceland.

Cruise Highlights
- Cruise past Spitsbergen’s narrow sheltered waterways and fjords such as Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay) and Hornsund Fjord
- Marvel at the rich Arctic wildlife, spot polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, sea birds, musk oxen, Arctic fox and whales
- Visit historic sites including museums, whaling stations, geology and fossils
- Sail within 600 miles of the North Pole
- Visit the world’s largest National Park in North East Greenland, and the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresby Sund
- Hear the cracks of active glaciers as they create Greenland’s famous giant icebergs
- Witness the midnight sun as it creates nearly 24 hours of sunlight
- Experience Iceland’s unique landscape of fire and ice

Departing 27 Jul 2020

Greenland Explorer

Tour map
11 Day Cruise from Reykjavik > Kangerlussauq
Southern Greenland is rarely visited and its wilderness offers some of the most spectacular and unspoilt scenery anywhere on earth. Be among the few to experience the largest island on the planet, whose frozen coastline has witnessed the birth of some of nature’s most breathtaking creations.

Here the struggle for survival has imbued local culture with a healthy respect for the environment. See this unique interaction of man and nature first hand, as we sail through a landscape rich in culture, history and spectacular wildlife, towards the northern lands of the midnight sun.

Cruise Highlights
- Cross the Denmark Strait, travelling on the Viking migration route
- Visit Qassiarsuk birth place of Erik the Vikings Bratthali in 982 AD.
- Explore Nuuk Fjord, the second largest water system in the world.

Departing 9 Aug 2020

Across the Northwest Passage

Tour map
21 Day Cruise from Kangerlussauq > Nome
Pioneering souls will revel in the historic routes we take on this voyage as we follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen, exploring the archipelago of Canada’s High Arctic.

From Kangerlussauq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska we’ll discover the wild and remote fjords, habours and islands that dot the infamous Northwest Passage. Wildlife and historical sites and the men that made them famous are the corner stones to this exhilarating expedition.

Cruise Highlights
- Follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers
- Wonder at the spectacular landscape and colourful Greenlandic villages
- Meet local Inuit communities and spendday understanding their culture
- Interact with wildlife
- Cross the Arctic Circle, the line that separates man from lands of mystery

Departing 19 Aug 2020