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2019/2020 Scenic Eclipse Voyages and Escorted Land Journeys
Discover handcrafted itineraries for ocean exploration voyages of discovery

Venture to places on Earth where few have travelled to before onboard Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts. Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht and custom-built with an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence in design, Scenic Eclipse combines a wealth of world-class facilities with the opportunity for unrivalled exploration.

Across our 2019/2020 collection of Voyages and Escorted Land Journeys, we have all-inclusive 6-star luxury cruise offerings and land-cruise combinations that will create an experience like no otherFeaturing handcrafted itineraries, full of rare opportunities and extraordinary experiences. You can witness the ethereal beauty of Antarctica to the rich biodiversity of South Georgia and the majestic fjords in Chile; the sublime beauty of the Arctic, one of the world’s last frontiers, to the magnificent Norwegian Fjords and the history and culture of the Baltic Nations; or the treasures of Europe and the Mediterranean to the beauty of the Canadian Maritimes and the East Coast of the USA. Enjoy the sparkling waters of Cuba, the Caribbean and the intriguing coastline of Central America.

The next generation of Ocean Cruising is waiting for you.

Antarctica Voyages

Antarctica in Depth

12 Day trip
Ushuaia > Ushuaia
Experience Antarctica in Depth on this 12 day all-inclusive 6-star cruise from Ushuaia. View vast icescapes, mountains and an abundance of wildlife.
Departing 26 November 2019

Antarctica in Depth with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

19 Day trip
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
Departing 07 March 2020

South Georgia with Patagonian Adventure

27 Day trip
Santiago > Buenos Aires
Departing 10 March 2020

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn with Highlights of Peru

28 Day trip
Lima > Buenos Aires
Departing 30 October 2019

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These handcrafted itineraries are full of extraordinary experiences to discover the ethereal beauty of Antarctica. For an additional cost, dive in the state-of-art six-guest submarine, capable of depths up to 200 metres to see unique marine life in its stunning natural habitat. 

Venture beyond the horizon, in the luxury six-guest helicopters, which can take guests into the inner reaches of the Antarctica Peninsula to see wildlife trekking across the ice flows.

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Arctic & Fjords and the Baltics Voyages

Across the Northwest Passage

21 Day trip
Copenhagen > Nome
Cruise in 6-star luxury across the Northwest Passage on our 21 day voyage. From Copenhagen to Nome, follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers.
Departing 15 August 2020

Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

14 Day trip
Oslo > Reykjavik
Experience close encounters of the Arctic kind on this 14 day cruise from Oslo to Reykjavic. Visit the world's largest national park and spot wildlife.
Departing 13 July 2020

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Enjoy an all-inclusive 21-day Northwest Passage adventure in Greenland before heading out through the Canadian Arctic Islands, past Point Barrow and arriving in Nome, Alaska. The vast and unique region encompassing Russia’s White Sea includes stops in Murmansk, Kola Peninsula, the Solovetsky Islands and Arkhangelsk.

Choose from other Arctic itineraries including Norway’s famous Fjords, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Atlantic Canada and Baltic destinations including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

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Great Seafaring Nations

12 Day trip
Barcelona > Amsterdam
From Barcelona to Amsterdam, immerse yourself in the vivacity of Spain as you explore its coastline before discovering the untouched elegance of Portugal.

Great Seafaring Nations with Taste of France

19 Day trip
Paris > Amsterdam
Start your 19 day luxury journey in Paris for a taste of France before cruising from Barcelona to Malaga, Seville, Lisbon and Porto, ending in Amsterdam.

Atlantic Canada & USA

15 Day trip
Quebec City > New York City
On this 15 day all-inclusive luxury cruise, explore charming coastal towns rich in flora and fauna.
Departing 27 August 2019

Cuba in Depth

13 Day trip
Nassau > Havana
Discover Cuba in Depth on this 13 day luxury cruise from Nassau to Havana. Uncover hidden gems away from the crowds and step back in time to the 1950's.
Departing 08 October 2019

Taste of Cuba & the Caribbean with Colombia Experience

18 Day trip
Havana > Bogota
Over 18 days, discover Cuba's fascinating city, Havana, Maria la Gorda & Cienfuegos before sailing through the Caribbean to Colombia on board Scenic Eclipse.

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Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht, explore Europe, the Mediterranean, East Coast Canada and USA, Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America in all-inclusive 6-star luxury.

Highlights include viewing the Panama Canal transit, Cuba’s Havana, the smaller ports in the Mediterranean, such as Cassis in the French Riviera, and visiting the tiny World Heritage site of Isla Gorgona, Colombia, once an island prison and now a wildlife area

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