Scenic Gem

Sailing the Seine

Scenic Gem

Scenic Gem sails the beautiful Seine River. Enjoy a private butler service, spacious suites, a wealth of dining options, including L'Amour fine dining restaurant. 
Attentively designed to negotiate the magical waters of the Seine, Scenic Gem has set a new precedent in luxury river travel since joining the illustrious Scenic fleet in 2014.

Beautifully designed and crafted to a meticulous specification, every inch of Scenic Gem has been carefully considered for your optimum enjoyment, comfort and wellbeing. From luxury designer flourishes to innovative technologies, this supremely appointed vessel is capable of transporting you in complete safety and luxury, so that you can take in the exquisite surroundings of the Seine at your own pace. 

Choose to cruise France’s illustrious Seine aboard Scenic Gem, and you’ll benefit from some of the most spacious cabins and suites of any vessel. Scenic Gem boasts 63 perfectly proportioned guest cabins, each affording its own luxuries and comforts. 

To help you select the cabin class that’s right for you, here we present the complete deck plans for Scenic Gem. Helpfully colour coded to highlight the different cabin classes and where they appear on board, the plans give you clear insight into the overall layout of the ship, so you can begin to decide which area of the ship you’d prefer to be based during the voyage. 

Whether you’d prefer to be located close to the heart of the ship or somewhere less travelled by your fellow guests, we hope these ship plans prove useful before and during your journey aboard Scenic Gem. 
Technical Data
  • Length 110 metres
  • Guests 124
  • Cabins 63
  • Crew 48

Sun Deck

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Diamond Deck

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Sapphire Deck

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Jewel Deck

Jewel Deck

Deck Plan

  • Riverview Terrace
  • Wheelhouse
  • Sun Deck
  • Walking Track
  • Panorama Deck
  • L'Amour Restaurant
  • River Cafe
  • Panorama Lounge & Bar
  • Gift Shop
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Crystal Dining
  • Table La Rive
  • Galley
  • Wellness Area
  • Fitness Center

Cabin Categories

Diamond Deck
  • RP
    Royal One-Bedroom Suite
  • PA
    Balcony Suite
  • P
    Balcony Suite
  • PD
    Deluxe Balcony Suite
  • R
    Royal Balcony Suite
Sapphire Deck
  • C
    Balcony Suite
  • BA
    Balcony Suite
  • B
    Balcony Suite
  • BD
    Deluxe Balcony Suite
Jewel Deck
  • E
    Standard Suite
  • D
    Standard Suite

Cabin Options

Royal One-Bedroom Suite
Dimensions: 455ft2

At 455ft², these are amongst the largest suites on Europe’s rivers. At the rear of the Diamond Deck, enjoy fantastic views of the passing scenery, separate lounge and dining area and luxurious oversized bathroom.

Private Balcony Suite
Dimensions: 205ft2

Located on the Sapphire and Diamond Decks they feature a full-length outdoor balcony with the exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge system and are larger than the standard river cruise cabins on Europe’s rivers.

Standard Suite
Dimensions: 160ft2

Standard Suites are located on the Jewel Deck with large picture windows to ensure a great view. They have a spacious design and clever layout alongside all the usual luxurious amenities and furnishings.

Private Deluxe Balcony Suite 
Dimensions: 225ft2

Located in prime locations at the front of the ship on both the Sapphire and Diamond Decks, they offer all the features of our private Balcony Suites with our ingenious Scenic Sun Lounge, but with even more space to relax.

Royal Balcony Suite
Dimensions: 305ft2

These Suites on the Diamond Deck are the ultimate in luxury with more space (305ft²), impeccable service, thoughtful touches, an outdoor balcony, lounge area and an oversized bathroom.