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Destination : South East Asia

Take a luxury cruise through the charms of Indochina.

“Chào Mừng” (Welcome) to your luxury Mekong & Mystical Myanmar River Cruising—Cambodia to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and beyond.  Your exotic Indochine experience reveals an intoxicatingly idyllic, hypnotically beautiful pulse of life as you journey along the Mekong and the Irrawaddy rivers, on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Scenic Route to Indochina

The Exotic Wonders of South East Asia River Cruises

The Exotic Wonders of South East Asia River Cruises

Traverse the alluring waterways of the Mekong and Irrawaddy, delight in the technicolour charms of Indochina, and rejoice in the allure of fascinating Myanmar. This is more than a holiday; it’s a journey you’ll never forget. 

Our Mekong River Cruises

Asian River Cruises

CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

Luxury Mekong

8 days
Ho Chi Minh City > Siem Reap
Discover the beauty, culture and history of Vietnam and Cambodia over this 8 day luxury cruise. A lovely introduction to these two beautiful countries.
from $4,320 $3,970
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB2)

Luxury Irrawaddy

11 days
Yangon > Mandalay
Discover Myanmar on an 11 day river cruise along the Irrawaddy. Explore the beauty and history of this country in style on board the luxurious Scenic Aura.
from $5,995 $5,745
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

China Express

14 days
Shanghai > Beijing
This 14 day journey visits China's most treasured cities - a journey simple, yet compact. You'll never ceased to be amazed from Shanghai to Beijing.
from $7,960 $7,710
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB1)

Treasures of the Mekong

13 days
Siem Reap > Ho Chi Minh City
Discover the essence of South East Asia on a 13 day journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap on board Scenic Spirit. Explore Wat Hanchey and Phnom Penh.
from $8,560
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB2)

Mystical Irrawaddy

14 days
Yangon > Mandalay
Journey from Yangon to Pyay on board the luxurious and all-inclusive Scenic Aura. Experience the vast diversity and influences that have shaped Myanmar.
from $9,475
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

China Classics

17 days
Shanghai > Chengdu
Travel the best of China in style on this 17 day journey through the magnificent country's highlights. From Shanghai to Chengdu, be enveloped in wonder.
from $10,630 $10,380
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB1)

Highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia & Luxury Mekong

17 days
Hanoi > Ho Chi Minh City
Discover the wonders of Halong Bay, Cambodia and the heaven on earth that is Angkor Wat on a 17 day tour including a luxury river cruise along the Mekong.
from $11,750
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

Journey along the Mekong

18 days
Ho Chi Minh City > Luang Prabang
Cruise the Mekong River and explore the culture and traditions of Vietnam and Cambodia over 22 days. HIghlights include Hanoi, Halong Bay and Angkor Wat.
from $11,815
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB2)

Mystical Myanmar

18 days
Yangon > Yangon
From Mandalay to Inle Lake, Myanmar is full of hidden gems. Take to the waterways of the Irrawaddy on an all-inclusive river cruise on board Scenic Aura.
from $12,305
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

China Jewels and Tibet Discovery

22 days
Shanghai > Beijing
Discover treasure-filled China on this 22 day journey through its most alluring destinations. From Shanghai to Beijing, your senses will be delighted.
from $13,290 $13,040
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

Essence of Vietnam, Cambodia & Luxury Mekong

22 days
Hanoi > Siem Reap
Cruise the Mekong River and explore the culture and traditions of Vietnam and Cambodia over 22 days. HIghlights include Hanoi, Halong Bay and Angkor Wat.
from $13,315
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

Indochina Explorer & Luxury Mekong

22 days
Hanoi > Ho Chi Minh City
Expore lovely Vietnam and also explore the hidden treasures of Laos and Cambodia over 22 days an unforgettable cruise on board the luxurious Scenic Spirit.
from $14,785
CAD Early Booking Asia 2018 (EB1)

Grand Indochina & Luxury Mekong

27 days
Hanoi > Luang Prabang
Unveil the magical sights, tastes & experiences of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, on a 27 day luxury river cruise along the Mekong from Hanoi to Luang Prabang.
from $16,480
CAD Early Booking Asia 2017 (EB1)

Amazing China

27 days
Beijing > Shanghai
There's no better way to see the best of China than this 27 day experience from Beijing to Shanghai. Unleash your inner adventurer in this masterpiece.
from $17,050 $16,800

Journey along the Mekong

Journey along the Mekong

Mekong River

Cruise the Mekong River and explore the culture and traditions of Vietnam and Cambodia


so you can experience unforgettable moments inaccessible to the ordinary traveller
Our signature Enrich experiences will take you to the cultural heart of life that has been established over centuries around the waterways of South East Asia. From great seats of learning to traditional country ways of life, step into a truly memorable experience. Our Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of diverse and thrilling experiences that will become highlights of your journey. We’ll take you to spiritual temples and ancient ruins, invite you to unique restaurants and unusual performances, and open the door on village life that will take you back generations. During both your cruise and tour these spectacular encounters will unveil a heartbeat of authenticity, offering a truly treasured insight into the pulse of the people and the land in which they reside.

A Culture Experience to Remember in Asia

Immerse yourself in rich, unforgettable, exclusive Scenic cultural experiences—world famous, ancient temples and Buddhist blessing ceremonies; stunning blended colonial architecture; breathtaking natural splendours; traditional water puppet, orchestra, dance, shadow puppet and circus performances.

A Taste of Asia

Explore the Tastes of Asia

Indulge in the rich flavours of traditional Viet, Khmer, Lao, Siamese and Intha cuisine—local village meals; exotic street food; colonial high teas; international dinner buffets; fresh produce from floating market barges.

Vietnamese Culture

Experience vietnamese traditional culture

Raffles, Hotel Le Royal is located in the heart of Phnom Penh. This timeless property has been part of the history of the city and welcomes, as it has always done, a diverse clientele of entrepreneurs, writers and royalty. During your time here, you’re invited to enjoy an indulgent high tea and attend a private shadow puppet performance with accompanying Khmer orchestra. 

Welcome on board Scenic Aura

The Irrawaddy River is a unique waterway, running through a region that a little while ago was inaccessible to international travellers. Incredibly, not only can you now explore it at your leisure, you can do so in the signature 5-star all-inclusive luxury available only to guests of the Scenic Aura.

With just 22 one bedroom suites, and a maximum of 44 guests, the Scenic Aura offers true intimacy and unrivalled on board amenities – from a vitality pool to a gym, a library to a wellness area. It truly is a floating hotel of the very finest grade.



Enjoy large, luxuriously appointed suites, a wide range of elegant dining options, and a full suite of inclusions.

And, when you add expert local guides, on board entertainment that highlights some of the many delightful aspects of Myanmar, and delicious local cuisine, served up with the freshest of local ingredients, you can see quite clearly that your all-inclusive luxury experience doesn't come at the cost of immersing yourself completely in the local culture.

All Inclusive Cruising

Our journeys to South East Asia combine the best of all-inclusive river cruising with luxury land touring.
Scenic Nth Degree

Authentic Dining Experiences

When you reach the touring stretch of your journey you will enjoy a hearty breakfast every day. On select evenings, we’ve included an assortment of highlight dining experiences for your pleasure. These culinary showcases will plate up some of the region’s most famous dishes. You will also sit down to feast in unusual settings, like a former opium refinery in Ho Chi Minh City.

All Inclusive Butler Service

All Inclusive Suites

The Scenic Spirit and Scenic Aura both feature luxurious one-bedroom balcony suites, with an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio to ensure your time on board is one of unparalleled intimacy and world-class indulgence. Best of all? Everyone gets their own private view of the never ending scenery.

Scenic Luxurious Space-ships

Our Innovative 5-Star Ships

Our brand new, custom-built 5-Star ships are the most spacious, luxurious and indulgent vessels on the Mekong and Irrawaddy rivers. With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, the largest suites available on the waters of South East Asia, and an opulent collection of decadent amenities at your disposal, guests on board will enjoy the ultimate river cruise experience.

All-inclusive Scenic FreeChoice

gives you the freedom to explore
We believe our guests should enjoy the freedom and flexibility to do as they please. That’s why we invented Scenic Freechoice. This diverse collection of activities, excursions and experiences is included in the price of your cruise, and gives you the privilege to pick and choose how you spend your time ashore. The pace ranges from relaxed to active, so there’s always something for everyone.
Saigon Cooking Class, Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese Cooking Class and Market Tour

Discover regional delicacies from farm to table, by visiting local produce markets before taking part in authentic, hands-on cooking classes for traditional Viet, Khmer and Lao dishes.

Po Nagar Cham Towers

Khmer cooking class, Siem Reap

Explore the extensive ruins and Cham Towers of Mỹ Son, a World Heritage Site and former city of the ancient Cham Empire in Vietnam; Yangon’s 65m-long reclining Buddha statue and the scared golden Shwedagon Pagoda; or the unrestored jungle temples of Beng Mealea in Cambodia, only recently made accessible to visitors.

Lao's Natural Wonders

Elephant Trekking And Nature’s Wonders

Experience the natural wonders of Laos. One to two guests sit atop each elephant in wooden chairs, for a jungle trek to the peak of Mount Phou Asa for the gorgeous views. Visit picturesque Kuang Si Waterfalls, and take a leisurely hike or climb all the way to the top of the falls.