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The Rhine River

The Legendary Rhine-Romantic Route

The Rhine River is the second longest river in Western Europe and a stunning waterway to cruise down to witness some of Europe’s most historic sites and landmarks. No other river has so many world-renowned cities situated on its banks.  It is considered by many to be the most important waterway in Germany, a country our Rhine river tours will give you the opportunity to explore in depth. Scenic offers four unique Rhine river tours, with stops down the picturesque Moselle River in Luxembourg along the way. 

The Rhine’s rich cultural history stems back to the Roman Empire, when it was the main source of transport and business for its residents. Because of the Rhine’s coveted connections to many other rivers in Western Europe, the river became of utmost importance for political control and cultural standing. Over the years, considerable action has been made to protect the Rhine from pollution, and it is now revered as one of the most culturally important rivers in Europe.

A river cruise down the Rhine starts in Basel, Switzerland, with a swift entry into southwest Germany, where Scenic guests will have their first chance to dock and explore the famous Black Forest in Breisach, or visit the quaint French town of Colm. The cruise continues through Mannheim (where your first Renaissance Castle awaits you!) and Rhine Gorge (the Upper Middle Rhine Valley). The Rhine sweeps you along into a different era with the arrival of the historic city of Cochem and the medieval Reichsburg Castle that sits alongside its river banks. As you pass Cochem and enter the Moselle Valley, Scenic guests will be able to enjoy a full day of river cruising along the breathtaking Moselle River, which takes a dip into Luxembourg. Scenic guests have the opportunity to explore the many delights of one of the smallest yet stunning countries of Europe.

Along the way to Amsterdam, guests will have the chance to visit the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, the modern wonder that is Delta Works in Veere, and one of the biggest port cities in the world, Antwerp, in beautiful Belgium.

Discover the Rhine River

Discover the Rhine River

Rhine Gorge, Germany

Discover the hidden gems of the Rhine and the Moselle on our Romantic Rhine and Moselle - 15 day cruise. From the small canals of Amsterdam to the majestic mountains of Zurich.

Rhine and Moselle River Cruises

Rhine and Moselle River Cruises

Flights Included to Europe 7-14 Days (D/E)

Rhine Highlights

8 days
Amsterdam > Basel
See the highlights of the Rhine on an 8 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. Enjoy guided city tours & an exclusive private tour of a Baroque palace.
from $3,675
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Treasures of the Rhine Christmas Markets

8 days
Nuremberg > Amsterdam
Experience mistletoe towns and enchanting festive spirit in cities along the Rhine such as Nuremberg, Cologne and Bamberg in December 2017
from $4,455

Jewels of Europe

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Embark on a luxurious journey from Amsterdam to Budapest. Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers on board an all-inclusive 5-star Scenic Space-Ship.
from $6,295

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

15 days
Amsterdam > Basel
Discover the romantic Rhine and Moselle rivers on an all-inclusive 15 day cruise. From the small canals of Amsterdam to the majestic mountains of Zurich.
from $6,755

Christmas Markets

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Experience Europe at Christmastime on a 15 day river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. See the charming villages and visit the Christmas markets.
from $6,755
Flights Included to Europe 7-14 Days (D/E)

Rhine Highlights with Switzerland

12 days
Zurich > Amsterdam
Discover the beauty of Switzerland and explore historic towns as you cruise through the heart of Germany on this 12 day adventure from Zurich to Amsterdam.
from $6,840

Christmas Markets with Prague

18 days
Prague > Amsterdam
Soak up the Christmas atmosphere of Europe on an 18 day river cruise from Prague to Amsterdam. Discover the cities of Europe and delight in their charm.
from $7,740

Christmas Wonderland

16 days
Amsterdam > Budapest
Breathe in the magic of Christmas on a 16 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Enjoy the Christmas markets, delicacies and decorations of Europe.
from $7,820

Jewels of Europe with Prague

18 days
Amsterdam > Prague
Be enchanted on an 18 day journey from Amsterdam to Prague. See the canals, take part in a medieval feast and explore the famous Romantic Road in Wurzburg.
from $8,330

Christmas Wonderland with Prague

19 days
Amsterdam > Prague
Experience a traditional European Christmas, join a Midnight Mass and bring in the New Year in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
from $8,805

Christmas Markets with Paris

18 days
Budapest > Paris
Experience the festive traditions of Europe on a magical Christmas cruise from Budapest to Paris. Enjoy guided city tours, Christmas markets & Oktoberfest.
from $8,830

Romantic Rhine & Moselle with Switzerland

19 days
Amsterdam > Zurich
Experience the magic of Europe’s most romantic region on a 19 day journey from Amsterdam to Zurich. Cruise the Rhine and Moselle, create your own fairytale.
from $9,370

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Paris > Budapest
Begin your adventure in Paris before boarding a Scenic Space-Ship in Amsterdam. Cruise the Rhine, Main & Danube rivers and discover the Jewels of Europe.
from $9,420
Flights Included to Europe 15+ Days (D/E)

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Budapest > Paris
Begin your adventure in Budapest and board a luxurious Scenic Space-Ship. Cruise the Danube, Main & Rhine rivers to Amsterdam and spend 3 nights in Paris.
from $9,620

Christmas Markets with Prague & Paris

21 days
Prague > Paris
Enjoy the delights of Christmas with a 21 day cruise from Prague to Paris. Visit the Christmas markets and savour the atmosphere, traditions & delicacies.
from $9,815

Christmas Wonderland with Paris

19 days
Paris > Budapest
Enjoy the festive season & visit the Christmas markets where the aroma of glühwein & roasted chestnuts provide a uniquely traditional Christmas experience.
from $9,895
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Jewels of Europe with Prague & Berlin

21 days
Amsterdam > Berlin
On this 21 day journey you will have the opportunity to cruise along the Rhine and the Danube and visit the magnificent cities of Prague and Berlin.
from $10,325

Jewels of Europe with Paris & Prague

21 days
Paris > Prague
Explore the wondrous cities of Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna and more on a 21 day journey from Paris to Prague. See the Rhone Gorge, Marksburg Castle and more.
from $10,405

Christmas Wonderland with Paris & Prague

22 days
Paris > Prague
Breathe in the magic of Christmas on a 22 day river cruise from Paris to Prague. Enjoy the traditional Christmas markets & celebrate the New Year in style.
from $10,880
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North Sea to the Black Sea

23 days
Bucharest > Amsterdam
Embark on this 23 day cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam, discovering magical and historical cities and villages situated along the banks of the Rhine.
from $12,630

Jewels of Europe with Majestic Britain & Ireland

36 days
London > Budapest
Explore the best of Britannia & Europe on a tour that encompasses culture, cuisine, history & tradition. Arrive in London & embark on a journey to Budapest.
from $19,445