Program Update

Scenic Club Update - changes from 1 January 2018

In recognition of our ever-evolving product portfolio and the soon-to-be launched Scenic Eclipse – The World’s First Discovery Yachts – we are pleased to announce a range of changes to the Scenic Club program, which will better reward to you for your loyalty.
Previously, the Scenic Club program equally rewarded you for the number of trips or days travelled irrespective of dollars paid, so we have designed the new structure to better recognise you for your spend based on travelled days only.

This means as of January 1, 2018 each day travelled will be rewarded with a base rate of 100 Scenic Status Points and, in selected circumstances, higher spend will earn incremental Scenic Status points.  So the more you spend, the greater the rewards.

The threshold levels between the Scenic Club tiers remain constant with this new program, meaning you will not be disadvantaged and will in fact enjoy greater rewards and recognition.

    From 1 January 2018, each day travelled will be rewarded with a base rate of 100 Scenic Status Points.
    Our world-wide portfolio of land journeys will be rewarded equally, with one day earning 100 Scenic Status Points.
    Additionally, incremental Scenic Status Points wilal be awarded for higher spend on river and ocean cruises.

Loyalty vouchers now valid for 24 months

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that as of 1 January 2018, the validity of Thank You and Share With A Friend vouchers are now 24 months instead of 12 months, allowing you more time to plan ahead.