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Beyond adventure - our 'Sixth Star' experience 

Scenic has always sought to go beyond the horizon and with our fleet of discovery vehicles, there is no limit to where you can go.  Our fleet of exploratory Zodiacs, kayaks, helicopters and our specialist submarine will get you out and about, while snorkelling excursions will open up a whole new underwater horizon. 

Imagine flying low over the dramatic crags of The Hebrides, or Italy's volcanic horizon. Imagine flying out across the pristine Lofoten Islands and Norwegian Fjords, venturing further than most ever will. Our Discovery Leaders are on board for every 6-star luxury cruise. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, you’ll have the chance to explore parts of the world that, until now, have been untouchable to the ordinary traveller.

Why choose Scenic?

Scenic Discovery

Our Scenic Discovery excursions, which take guests on exploratory guided tours on board Zodiacs, kayaks and e-bikes, allow for a full adventure experience like nothing else. These excursions also include snorkelling underneath lush, clear waters in the Caribbean, hiking across the Arctic tundra and kayaking close to breathtaking marine life.

Scenic Enrich

For those that prefer a more cultural experience, our Scenic Enrich activities offer up private access to music, art, theatre and even the natural landscapes of your chosen destinations.

Scenic Freechoice

Our Scenic Freechoice activities give you the flexibility to choose expert-led shore excursions, tailored to your taste. Scenic Freechoice activities include viewing local art and architecture, experiencing your destination's culture and viewing local artisans at work.

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Meet Scenic Neptune, your on board submarine

Beneath the surface

Take an exclusive, otherworldly journey into the beautiful deep blue

Discover the depths

An underwater experience like no other, journey to the depths of the ocean on board Scenic Neptune, Scenic Eclipse's customised submarine. Capable of diving down to 300 metres, Scenic Neptune can seat up to six guests, as well as our specialist pilot. As part of our Arctic itineraries, you’ll have the chance to join the Discovery Team on board Scenic Neptune, delving deep under ice-cold waters to catch a unique glimpse of the captivating wildlife.

What sub-aquatic wonders will you uncover beneath the tranquil seas?

Soar above for a new perspective

Take to the skies

Marvel at awe-inspiring destinations from above

Fly beyond the horizon

Let our state-of-the-art Airbus EC-130-T2 helicopters take you above and beyond the horizon. Feel like a pioneer explorer on the frontiers of Planet Earth as you, along with five other guests, soar above places that are strictly out of reach for the ordinary traveller.

Part of Scenic Eclipse's experience is being exposed to unimaginably exclusive and breathtaking, locations and sometimes the best way to appreciate these destinations is from above. This rings true for the volcanic geography of Italy, the vibrant coral structures in the Caribbean, and the glistening Norwegian Fjords. 

Explore by Zodiac

Adventure by kayak & paddle board

Get up close and personal on a Scenic Eclipse Zodiac excursion. Our fleet of extraordinary Zodiacs allow guests to catch a glimpse of uncharted territory and encounter once-in-a-lifetime sights, such as a breathtaking pod of whales in the Arctic Ocean, or a waddle of penguins traversing the Antarctic landscape.

Zodiacs have the ability to cross shallower waters than Scenic Eclipse, as well as navigate through obstacles and icy areas. The open-air build and design of our Zodiacs allow for ultra-intimate viewing experiences. 

Continue your Sixth Star Experience with an included kayak or stand-up paddle boarding excursion. Theses excursions with the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team are an intensely intimate experience, and ones that sets our itineraries apart from other ocean cruise companies. Feel the fresh, cool ocean breeze as you paddle out amongst the marine and bird life around Stornoway. Or explore the calm seas surrounding Greece’s Milos Island and the stunning shorelines of the Amalfi Coast by kayak. These are experiences few travellers have yet uncovered.

Our Discovery Team takes you further, wherever you go

Whether it’s observing a pod of whales in the Arctic or heading out to the Picasso Museum of Malaga, we’ll get you there safely, and in ultimate comfort. No stone will be left unturned to ensure you experience everything a destination has to offer.

We aim to make every cruise as unique as our guests are, which is why we offer the broadest range of all-inclusive shore excursions. Our specialist Discovery Team will be on hand to share their expertise, allowing you to tailor your holiday to guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

Each Discovery Leader is an expert in their field, they will be able to provide you with unrivalled knowledge and insights on everything from the environment to the history and culture of each region you visit. Combined, our experts have decades' worth of rich experiences and in-depth research. Their expert knowledge will be able to truly illuminate your travel experience. 

That’s not excluding the fantastic expertise of our collection of local guides, community specialists and regional experts you’ll meet along your journey.

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