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We are not about rushing you from one place to the next. Scenic honours the beauty of time. We want you to take the scenic route. To wend slowly and appreciate what's around you; the smells, sounds and views that you get when you take the back roads.

– Tracing the intricate pattern of Europe's waterways, floating past picture postcard scenery and stopping at historic towns and villages to experience once in a lifetime moments. This is more than a river cruise, this is a journey you'll never forget.°

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The Scenic Route through Europe Europe River Cruising

Europe River Cruises

You’re in the lap of Scenic luxury, from the moment you step onto our luxurious river cruise ship. Embark on a wondrous journey with us, as you sail through remarkable historic wonders on your Europe River Cruise. Be moved by the scenic landscapes and the deep, myriad passions of Teutonic Europe—from the majestic waters of the Rhine, Moselle and Danube, to the Black Sea; and the lush canals of The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Europe. A continent full of history, breathtaking landscapes, and a vast blend of cultures, languages, and people. Whether you want to visit the sites of groundbreaking moments in history or appreciate the stunning architecture of centuries past, Europe offers an amazing experience for everyone.

There are many ways to journey through Europe, but only river cruises offer the chance to experience the rich sights and destinations from the water.

As you plan your Europe river cruise adventure, you’ll quickly learn that there are several itinerary options. Do you want to visit Germany, Austria, and Hungary on a cruise through the Danube? Or perhaps you’d rather sail through France on the Rhône? 

Each trip offers its own travel opportunities and sights, so how do you choose the Europe river cruise that’s right for you?

We know how important it is to select the experience that is best suited for your needs and desires, so we have created this guide to help you find the perfect option as you book your Europe river cruise.

The Rivers of Europe

Flowing majestically through Continental Europe, the stately Rhine, Main and Danube connect Europe’s cultural heart by the legendary namesake canal. The stunningly scenic Moselle River is a tributary of the Rhine, and the legendary inland Black Sea is the gateway from the Danube to the resorts of Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

The Rivers of France

Europe’s romantic muses, the French Seine, Saône and Rhône, connect some of the continent’s most breathtaking vistas, artistic and historic treasures, and exquisite Gallic culinary and vintner delights.

Russia River Cruise

The rich cultural secrets of Europe’s eastern marches are revealed along the banks of the Russian Volga and Neva rivers, the serenely beautiful Lake Lagoda, and the vital grand canals that connect the legendary imperial decadence of St. Petersburg with Moscow’s historical splendour.

River Cruising through Europe

Scenic Jasper with Catriona Rowntree


Explore the latest Scenic Space-ship, Scenic Jasper with Catriona Rowntree as she discovers the experiences on board.

Our 5-Star Ships

Innovators in design and technology for luxury river cruising vessels, your Scenic Space-Ship will be your gracious floating hotel as you cruise the waterways of Europe.


Leave your Wallet at Home

Our Scenic Enrich encounters take you behind the scenes

to experience moments inaccessible to the ordinary traveller
All-inclusive, exclusive and unique - our signature Scenic Enrich experiences grant you access to exquisite multi-sensory moments that you'll treasure for years to come. From mouth-watering meals in a private castle to exclusive concerts tucked away in the secret room of an ornate palace, these diverse and enchanting handpicked experiences will be amongst the highlights of your cruise.
Unique Cultural Experiences

Unforgettable Cultural Experience

Immerse yourself in rich, unforgettable, exclusive Scenic cultural experiences—historic castles; intimate, private classical concerts; traditional dances and entertainment; architecturally stunning palaces.

Europe Fine Foods

An appetite for a gastronomical experience

Indulge and imbibe Europe’s gastronomic delights—elegant dining in opulent ballrooms; sumptuous medieval banquets; boutique wine tastings; local specialties.

Exceptional Local experiences

A traditional experience to remember

European traditions, customs and hospitality await your discovery—coffee and cake in a private Bavarian home; traditional foundries, distilleries and crafts; a local, traditional village meal.

I will never be able to say thank you enough, our trip was absolutely wonderful. A true dream come true. The scenic experience is truly something everyone should be lucky enough to enjoy. The staff was fantastic and welcoming, the activities were so well planned and amazing. And of course the food was first class.
Suzanne and Nicole 50
N 51° 11’ E 6° 43’

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