Ultimate Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands & Chilean Fjords

33 Days
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2023 Buenos Aires > Santiago

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33 days
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Buenos Aires
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33 Day Itinerary

  1. Day 1 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Arrive at your hotel for your one-night stay.
    Latin passion and European romance define the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a dynamic city known for its wide-ranging architectural styles, contemporary and historical arts, and culinary experiences.

  2. Day 2 - Buenos Aires > Ushuaia

    Your journey begins as you fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia,  the southernmost city in the world. The crew will warmly greet you as you seamlessly board Scenic Eclipse. Settle into your luxurious suite and acquaint yourself with the world-class facilities of your Discovery Yacht. Toast the start of your voyage as you sail away from South America and cruise through the Beagle Channel. Admire the dramatic views of the Andean mountains of Tierra del Fuego from the comfort of your private verandah.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

  3. Day 3 - At sea

    Make yourself at home on board Scenic Eclipse and be immersed in unsurpassed luxury. As you cruise south, wildlife spotting opportunities abound; your expert Discovery Team will be with you out on the deck looking for albatross, prions, and petrels that follow the ship. Enjoy lectures on the history and geology of the Falkland Islands and the Southern Ocean in the state-of-the-art on board theatre.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  4. Day 4 - Falkland Islands

    Remote and sparsely populated, the Falkland Islands are a wildlife lover’s paradise. You will visit several of the outer islands, where large colonies of penguins and albatross thrive. Fur seals and elephant seals roam sandy beaches, while the surrounding waters are home to whales and dolphins.

    During your time in the Falkland Islands, you will also be likely to visit Stanley, the capital of the archipelago on East Falkland. Since its colonisation in the 18th century, the ownership of the Falkland Islands has been clouded in controversy between French, British, Spanish and Argentina. In 1982, the Falklands War resulted in this remote outpost and the islands remain part of the British Commonwealth.

    This town offers a unique British outpost feel as you meander through its central streets. Visit an array of local shops and see incredible landscapes such as the Christ Church Cathedral with its whalebone arch, or maybe even stop in at an English pub to share a pint with the friendly locals.


    Take a walking tour of the small capital with an expert local guide for a closer look at the Islanders' daily life in this rugged, remote but beautiful location. Alternatively, visit the key sites of the Falklands War on a Battlefields Tour, delving into the events that led up to the 1982 battle while admiring the views of the Island.


    Enjoy all-inclusive discovery excursions on Zodiacs, kayaks or on land guided by your Discovery Team specialist.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  5. Day 5 - Falkland Islands

    Throughout your time in the Falkland Islands, you will see why it is considered one of the wonders of the far Southern Hemisphere. Admire the windswept green hills and clear waters that lap the white sand beaches that could be mistaken for a much more tropical location. Walk along beautiful beaches, wander through tussock grass or sit atop a cliff and ponder the views. The photographer in you will feel the joy as your camera gets a workout.

    Overflowing with natural beauty, the Falkland Islands is home to an army of penguins and birdlife. The world’s largest population of Gentoo penguins  is found here, in addition to other penguin species such as King, Magellanic and rockhopper penguins. Sit on the beaches and watch as they waddle along, interacting with each other.

    You can also find the black- browed albatross, plus the Cobb’s wren and the Falkland’s flightless steamer duck which are both endemic bird species. Your expert Discovery Team, comprised of biologists, historians, geologists and other leading specialists, will be sure to educate you on the local flora and fauna, making the most out of your time in the Falklands.


    Enjoy all-inclusive discovery excursions on Zodiacs, kayaks or on land guided by your Discovery Team specialist.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  6. Day 6 - At sea

    Sailing towards South Georgia gives you time to slow to the rhythm of the sea. Enjoy your time to relax and be entranced by the many seabirds you’ll encounter on your way. You may decide to join the avid whale watchers hoping to get a glimpse of one of these giant mammals or simply contemplate the vastness of the ocean from your private verandah while your butler pours you your favourite drink.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  7. Day 7 - South Georgia

    South Georgia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. During the next five days, the expert team on board Scenic Eclipse will design a unique itinerary around weather and ice conditions toshow you South Georgia's immense wildlife and stunning landscapes.

    A 3,000-metre mountain range forms the spine of the long, narrow island. Between the mountains, shattered glaciers carve their way through tussock grass to the deeply indented coastline. Despite being such a small outpost in the vastness of the South Atlantic, the sea around South Georgia is one of the liveliest areas on Earth. While it remains permanently uninhabited by humans, it is home to an abundance of wildlife, including king penguins, albatross, as well as elephant and fur seals.


    Equipped with a fleet of custom-built Zodiacs and kayaks, your expert Discovery Team will take you on enlightening excursions that put you close to South Georgia's stunning wildlife and nature.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  8. Day 8 - South Georgia

    With nicknames including ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean’ and ‘Galápagos of the Poles’, South Georgia is a top spot for wildlife photographers from all over the world. Recognised for being home to some of the world’s largest concentrations of king penguins, South Georgia will leave you in awe  . Look along the black sand beach and witness a sea of black, white and bursts of yellow and orange, admiring as they stand, squabble, and curiously investigate. Listen as they loudly sing to each other.

    In addition to king penguins, you will also find gentoo, Macaroni penguins, and other glorious birdlife like the majestic wandering albatrosses, which you can see gliding on gusts of wind, over the choppy waves. One day you may see rookeries with hundreds of thousands of pairs of king penguins waddling on a beach, and the next day you may visit another beach dotted with thousands of fur or elephant seals. You'll be stunned by the numerous wildlife you'll see.


    During the five days spent in South Georgia, the Discovery Team plans to go ashore at several possible places to take you closer to the incredible wilderness and wildlife. They will also explain how important the landscape is for the breeding and survival of different species on the island.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  9. Day 9 - South Georgia

    Weather and ice conditions permitting, while in South Georgia, you may also explore the settlement of Grytviken.

    Encircled by steep rugged mountains Grytviken was previously a haven for hunting whales, but due to overhunting, whale stocks around this region rapidly diminished. You can still see the remnants of the old whaling stations, with some ships left rusting around the bay and other abandoned outposts.  Now that hunting is history, these islands have remarkable ecological recovery, withwildlife populations rebounding.

    Grytviken is also the final resting place of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. As you stand in the cemetery, you'll feel the emotional connection to this legendary character, as if history came alive. Visit his grave, learn about his famous expedition and make a toast, paying respects to the great explorer.


    Delve into the main aspects of Grytviken's history with your expert Discovery Team leader.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  10. Day 10 - South Georgia

    Fortuna Bay is another possible landing site in South Georgia, subject to weather and ice conditions. Offering both teeming wildlife viewing and a wonderful panorama from its beach of jagged summit peaks and the remarkable expanse of the Konig Glacier, it is home to a large population of king penguin, Antarctic fur seal, elephant seal, brown skua, giant petrel, and Antarctic tern. This site’s varying tundra and curious penguins and seal pups will likely provide some of the best pictures of your voyage.

    In Salisbury Plain, visit the world's second largest king penguin colony, with more than 250,000 of them. The impressive sights and sounds that you will experience are beyond any photo or video. Be in awe before the amphitheatre of snowcapped mountains looking down on the colony, as the penguins put on a show nesting, breeding and moulting on the shores. Large amounts of elephant and fur seals are also found along the 3km long pebble beach, moving between the clusters of wildlife. The basin is framed by tussac-covered hills and bluffs on one side and the Bay of Isles on the other, but it’s Grace Glacier and Lucas Glacier on each end that give Salisbury Plain its visual appeal.

    Another must see is the deserted whaling village of Stromness, the saving grace for Sir Ernest Shackleton and his companions. After a gruelling 36-hour hike through the South Georgia Mountains, Shackleton was helped by the Norwegian whaling station manager at this remote outpost of civilisation. Listen as your expert Discovery Team leader shares stories from the past as you admire the structures from afar.


    Equipped with a fleet of custom-built Zodiacs and kayaks, your discovery excursions will take you to the places of you could only dream of before.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  11. Day 11 - South Georgia

    Your expedition of South Georgia could also visit some of the below locations.

    The small cove of Gold Harbour is regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in the region. Framed by the glacier-covered peaks of the Salvesen Range, Gold Harbour summarises South Georgia's wildlife and scenery in one place. King penguins, gentoos and elephant seals are the major players in this all-natural amphitheatre.

    A hidden gem located at the southeastern-most extremity of South Georgia, Cooper Bayoffers various inlets and crevices along the rocky shores. Explore by Zodiac while watching for Giant petrels and brown skuas as they soar around above, or look into the kelp forests for playful fur seals. Onshore, admire the many seals as you climb a short but steep hill to find a macaroni penguin colony hidden among tussock grasses.

    Drygalski Fjord is one of the most scenic areas of South Georgia. The narrow channel is a reminder of the powerful glacier that shaped this land. Sheer, snow-covered walls lined the fjord on either side as icebergs and bergy bits gently float by Scenic Eclipse as you watch from the Observation Terrace. The Risting Glacier looms at the end of the fjord, so make sure you listen for a thundering crack that indicates a huge block of ice is falling into the water. Drygalski Fjord is also the main breeding area in South Georgia for snow petrels, so use your binoculars to find these as they blend into the white cliffs.


    Enjoy all-inclusive discovery excursions on Zodiacs and kayaks guided by your Discovery Team specialist.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  12. Day 12 - At sea

    Today we will enter Antarctic waters, and the excitement starts to build as you search for icebergs. Put on your complimentary polar parka and head out on the Observation Deck to watch for seabirds, such as the wandering albatross with the largest wingspan of any flying bird. Alternatively, watch for the blow of a whale in the distance. Your palate will be delighted as you explore the extensive range of dining options on board, from casual to fine dining, including private in-suite meals served by your butler.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  13. Day 13 - Antarctica

    Arriving in Antarctica for the first time is unlike anything you have experienced before. Welcome to a challenging, unpredictable, and stunningly beautiful environment that always finds a way to surprise you. Open your floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and step out onto the private verandah of your suite. See icebergs of different shapes and sizes sculpted by nature, majestic, glaciated mountains towering out of the ocean thousands of meters tall and enjoy the search for spotting penguins, seals, and whales.  A truly unique way to wake up and start your day of discovery.

    At the heart of your Antarctic Voyage is the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team. With up to 20 members, it comprises  leading experts in their fields, including diverse qualifications fromscience to geology, botany, history, photography, archaeology, anthropology, marine biology and glaciology. They will answer your most curious and technical questions and be with you throughout every moment of your journey.

    Included in your Expedition Voyage are incredible activities such as Zodiac excursions, landings and hikes. You can also go kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, which will become some of your favourite activities in Antarctica. Gliding along the water is peaceful and being at the same level as the icebergs is both a humbling and powerful experience. An expert guide is with you for any questions you may have, although it is the perfect time to embrace the silence and be in the moment.


    Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  14. Day 14 - Antarctica

    Board your Zodiac and feel the fresh, crisp air on your face as you cruise towards the 7th continent. Hear the snow crunch under your boot as you prepare for what the landing has in store. Each new encounter will fill you with awe. Witness wildlife in their natural habitat, with no fear of humans, or see historic sites scattered on the shoreline. Antarctica is truly a land of wonder.

    Due to the extraordinary nature of the region, a host of choices throughout your Expedition Voyage are open and dependent on the ice and weather conditions. Your experienced Captain and specialist Discovery Team, who have made countless journeys to Antarctica, will use their expertise to design your voyage from day to day, making the most of 18–20 hours of daylight.

    Everywhere you go in Antarctica, you are surrounded with endless opportunities to capture images on camera. Whether getting up close to seals by zodiac, walking through penguin colonies or onboard Scenic Eclipse cruising past spectacular glaciers, be sure to have your camera ready to capture these amazing moments.

    For an additional cost, today you could also choose to soar above in one of two on board helicopters^ for a unique view of this spectacular region.


    Continue exploring the Antarctica with your experienced team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions andcruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations or step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  15. Day 15 - Antarctica

    Remarkable wildlife encounters await during your time exploring Antarctica.

    Eight species of penguins can be found in Antarctic and the sub-Antarctic region, with around twelve million penguins living on the Peninsula. Going on shore to witness a penguin colony is an unforgettable experience. Close your eyes to get the full experience as you approach. Smell will be the first sense to be awakened, with the not-so-sweet odour announcing that you are nearby. Hear their mighty calls getting louder as you get closer to shore. Watch on as they go about their day, clumsily waddling along and interacting with each other. Penguins that you may see on the Peninsula include Adélie, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and the very rare Emperor penguins.

    Whales are another powerful creature that you may encounter during your voyage, and you'll find their gentle movement calming and impactful. Feel the anticipation of the first sighting of the blow of water shooting into the air, to finding where the second will come from, and seeing their giant body surface for another breath. It could be the back of a minke, the hump on a humpback or the dorsal fin of an Orca. You may be on Scenic Eclipse, watching from the comfort of the Observation Lounge, in a Zodiac with an experienced Discovery Team member, or lucky enough to experience this from their level in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

    Antarctica is also a birdwatcher's paradise, drawing more than 40 different species. Keep your eyes peeled for wandering albatrosses, shearwaters, giant petrels, storm petrels, blue-eyed shags, diving petrels, cormorants, sheathbills, skuas, gulls and terns.


    Explore Antarctica with your expert Discovery Team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  16. Day 16 - Antarctica

    Ice is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Antarctica, but you will soon find out that it is much more than an endless white landscape. Portal Point is a potential landing site. Previously a British refuge hut, you will get the opportunity to walk up to see panoramic views from the snow-covered mountains surrounding you, looking over the ice filled ocean back to the ship that made all this possible. Sit down in the snow and take a moment to be still.

    Lemaire Channel is an iconic location in Antarctica, so photogenic it was nicknamed ‘Kodak Alley’. If your voyage is able to weave through the channel, make sure you set your alarm and embrace the cool air on the Observation Terrace. Pass through the 11-kilometre-long channel, just 700 metres wide at its narrowest point, and be amazed at the dramatic rocky mountains rising beside the ship and icebergs passing by close enough to see them glowing blue under the surface.

    Nestled in the South Shetland Islands archipelago, Deception Island is full of history, and is also one of the only places in the world that ships can sail directly into the centre of a submerged caldera of an active volcano. Scenic Eclipse can squeeze through a rocky gap into the peaceful waters of the horseshoe-shaped harbour. The island is also home to a few small scientific outposts and hundreds of thousands of chinstrap penguins. Walk along the ash-covered beaches.

    Standing at the entrance of Fournier Bay is Mount Francis, the tallest mountain in Antarctica. There may be the chance to visit a working scientific base and discuss life in these harsh conditions with the staff. You can also explore the remnants of a derelict whaling station and a vacant British base or climb to the rim of a volcanic crater.

    Enjoy the opportunity to visit areas alive with wildlife such as penguins, seals, and whales. If conditions are favourable, we may cross the Antarctic Circle at latitude 66°33’ South.

    Wherever your voyage takes you, you will have countless “pinch me" occasions when the scenery is so impressive, you'll have to be reminded that this dream came true. Congratulations, you have made it to Antarctica.


    Continue exploring the Antarctica with your experienced team. Partake in daily Scenic Discovery excursions. Cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, step onto shore to view vast penguin rookeries and seals. Kayak or stand-up paddle board around icebergs and hear the ice cracking and whales feeding all around.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  17. Day 17 - Antarctica

    Be sure to pack your swimmers. For many, the polar plunge is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a rite of passage for people on an expedition to Antarctica. Once throughout your voyage, Scenic Eclipse will stop, and the team will set up the marina ready for the brave people who want to jump into the freezing Antarctic waters.

    Excitement will spread through the Discovery Yacht, and you will start hearing the contagious nervous laughter. As you stand on the edge ready to jump, you will start to feel the adrenaline rush while your second guessing whether this was a good idea. When you jump, the moment before you hit the water will feel like it goes forever, just before you feel the cold water travelling up your body. This chilly dip will be invigorating, exciting, and surprisingly refreshing.

    If you're skipping the polar plunge, make sure you find a good viewing location with a cup of hot chocolate as you feel the chills of everyone coming out of the waters.


    Enjoy a Scenic Discovery excursion, perhaps going with a group of new friends to cruise on the Zodiacs around ice formations, kayak, or stand-up paddle board in search of the impressive wildlife.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  18. Day 18 - At sea

    Farewell your adventure in the icy lands and set sail heading north to the continent of South America. Share memories of your experiences with new-found friends.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  19. Day 19 - At sea

    Cruising the Drake Passage back to the tip of South America, there is plenty of time to indulge in the ultra-luxury of your Discovery Yacht and reflect on the magic of the Southern Ocean and the life that calls it home.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  20. Day 20 - Ushuaia, Argentina

    Welcome to Ushuaia, known as the southernmost city in the world. Enjoy a day at leisure.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  21. Day 21 - Cape Horn

    The point where the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean meet, Cape Horn is steeped in maritime history and is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and the southernmost tip of Chile. Weather permitting, our landing on Cape Horn will show the true skill of our Captain, crew and the Discovery Team.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  22. Day 22 - Chilean Fjords

    Witness one of the most impressive glaciers, Seno Pia Glacier and explore the labyrinth of ice crevasses and rivers. Continue to cruise down to Seno Garibaldi, one of a handful of advancing glaciers.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  23. Day 23 - Chilean Fjords

    Enjoy a day of cruising as you continue to traverse the Chilean Fjords, through tidewater glaciers and mountain peaks.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  24. Day 24 - Punta Arenas

    Punta Arenas is at the southern extreme of Chile and serves as the gateway into Antarctica. The city will captivate you with its clean air and sophisticated European architecture and historical role during the California Gold Rush. Overlooking the Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas is renowned for kayaking. The Magdalena Island is the breeding ground of Magellanic penguin colonies, while Tierra del Fuego is  home to the Kawesqar and Selk’nam indigenous people.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  25. Day 25 - Inner Fjords

    Cruise through the Inner Fjords. Acquaint yourself with the exceptional range of facilities on board your ultra-luxurious Discovery Yacht. Join a fitness class in one of the well-being spaces or relax in one of the many therapy lounges in the Spa Sanctuary. Tempt your palate at one of the outstanding dining venues on board or delight in the excellent selection of fine wines created by a Master of Wine.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  26. Day 26 - Inner Fjords

    Continue cruising through the Inner Fjords. The English Narrows is home to the only settlement inside the Chilean Inside Passage at Puerto Eden, a region with a mountainous terrain and a thriving Magellanic subpolar forest. Located in Bernardo O´Higgins National Park, Pio XI Glacier, or Bruggen Glacier as it is also known, is the size of Santiago. It is the only glacier in the world that is growing each day. 

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  27. Day 27 - Inner Fjords

    Journey to one of the most spectacular locations in Southern Chile. Surrounded by glaciers, rivers, fjords and imposing Mountains Tortel, Chile is in southern Patagonia. With one of the most unique natural environment that ranges from the Katalalixar National Reserve lush wilderness to the ice fields of Southern Patagonia. Be astounded by traditional Chilota architecture and stroll past the many houses built on stilts with a labyrinthine of over water boardwalks tracing the escarpment. This in combination with the rich local Aysen culture has allowed the Chilean government to declare this Tortel a National Heritage city.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  28. Day 28 - At Sea

    Sailing towards Castro, there will be plenty of time to relax and be entranced by the picturesque scenery you’ll encounter on your way. 

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  29. Day 29 - Castro, Isla Chiloé

    Visit Castro, located on the island of Chiloe.  Be charmed by its natural beauty, flanked by a fjord on the east and home to Chiloe National Park where an abundance of wildlife species thrive on the west coast. Catch a glimpse of the Chiloe Island Penguin Colony as Magellanic and Humboldt penguin migrate to the region. Stroll through the city streets and discovery the city’s many UNESCO World Heritage churches, known for their ecclesiastical wooden architecture.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  30. Day 30 - Puerto Montt

    At the very end of the Pan American highway is Puerto Montt, which is the starting point of a fabled land of fjords, canals, islands, snow-capped volcanoes, green-forested hills and the enchantment of Southern Chile. Uncover culinary delights at Angelmó cove known for its fresh seafood, take in views of Tenglo Island and Calbuco Volcano while sampling paila marina, a seafood stew.  Puerto Montt is the perfect launch pad to explore the German cities of Frutillar and Puerto Varas.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  31. Day 31 - At Sea

    Relaxation beckons with so many choices on board you will wonder how time passes so quickly. Choose one of the daily activities including a class in Scenic Epicure, join an entertaining discussion in the Theatre, or make time for your own fitness regime.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  32. Day 32 - Valparaíso > Santiago

    Your cruise ends this morning in Valparaiso as you farewell your crew. Disembark after breakfast and transfer to Santiago for an overnight stay.

    Meals Included: Breakfast

  33. Day 33 - Santiago

    After breakfast and transfer to Santiago Airport for your flight homeward.

    The itinerary is a guide only and may be amended for operational reasons. As such Scenic cannot guarantee the tour will operate unaltered from the itinerary stated above. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

    Meals Included: Breakfast

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