Scenic Tailormade

Over 240 independent tours in over 140 locations

Customizing your entire luxury river cruise now couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, Scenic Tailormade means you can plan your journey to adhere to your personal travel inclinations, both on board and onshore.
New for the 2019 river cruise season is our Scenic Tailormade app. Connecting guests to a journey of discovery, river commentary and guided touring to enhance your European cruising itinerary, this service is now available to you through your personal mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. 

This new generation of Scenic Tailormade enables ease of access in a much more direct way. Guests simply need to download the App to their personal device prior to leaving home, so they can explore their destination and on board features and facilities, plus many more functions once they join their cruise. 

In this first stage, the app includes all the functions of the previous Scenic Tailormade Device, serving as:

  • An Audio Guide System;
  • A Riverview Commentary System covering key points of interest including history, culture nature, industry and life; 
  • Independent City Tours with point to point navigation, maps, commentary and an off-line Navigation System.
In addition, through the My Cruise functionality, the app can also display the Daily Cruise Program, list the Scenic Freechoice and Scenic Enrich excursions, includes the entire Travel Guide Book, and provides a Travel Wallet for all travel documents and a Badge Scan option.

Full and detailed information can be found in our FAQ section

What Does Tailormade Mean On Board?

Tailormade offers cruising commentary with over 720 points of interest explored with expert narration and explanation of the history, culture and landscape of the regions through which you sail. Choose what interests you most from the diverse selection of topics.

Select where you want to listen as well. Anchor yourself on your private Sun Lounge or enjoy your Scenic commentary on the Sun Deck or from the Panorama Lounge with a drink in hand. Our absorbing commentary will bring to life every captivating view.


Our exclusive Scenic Tailormade program means you can make every day a discovery, choosing only the options that interest you - both on shore and on board.