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For over three decades, Scenic has delighted our guests with great escapes to fascinating locations in every part of the world. There isn’t a continent on the planet we have overlooked. Our pursuit of wonder has led us to scour the world to create unique 5-star luxury travel experiences that give you a deeper understanding of all the ‘must-do’ sights along with the right amount of flexibility to explore at your own pace. Our Journey Designers strive to craft intimate experiences that take our guests beyond the ordinary, revealing facets of locations seldom witnessed by tourists.

Both on board and on shore, luxury comes as standard with Scenic. With state-of-the-art Space-Ships, we offer 5-star luxury across everything - from your luggage unpacked by your personal butler, to a choice of gourmet meals across a range of on board dining venues. Our staff anticipate your needs before you do.

Whether you would like to experience an all-inclusive river cruises in Europe, France, Portugal or South East Asia; 6-star ocean cruising on board Discovery Yachts or experience luxury land tour adventures, Scenic has the very best in store for you to discover a world of wonder.



Join us and witness the beauty of Egypt, Jordan, Israel & Oman in 5-star luxury

Scenic Luxury Tour to Egypt and Jordan
Step back in time to the cradle of civilization and explore the Land of the Pharaohs with its colorful hieroglyphics and 4,500-year-old pyramids; stand in awe before the staggering natural and ancient wonders of the Kingdom of Jordan; or embark on one of life’s greatest journeys, traversing the African continent from Cape Town to Cairo and on to Jordan. Explore, discover and dream where it all began.

Our featured River Cruises

Unique Experiences
Our seasoned Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of exclusive tours that will be among the highlights of your Scenic Enrich experience. These are exclusive moments, leaving you with amazing memories to treasure.
Dining and Beverages
From a dress-up gastronomic extravaganza to a low-key handmade pizza, we cater for every style of dining.
Scenic Luxury Suites
Technology and innovation meet to provide your Scenic Sun Lounge, giving you a private balcony at the touch of a button.
Personal Butler For Every Guest
Scenic offers a butler to every guest on board.
Flexible Excursions
With Scenic, guests can choose what they want to do as they cruise with Scenic Freechoice.
Nth Degree Excellence
Everything is taken care of. There's no additional tipping required on board or onshore - it's all included.