Health & Wellbeing

It's more than healthy choices... it's wellness that nourishes body, mind and soul.

Whatever wellness means to you, every moment on board your Scenic Space-Ship in Europe or Scenic Spirit on the Mekong has been tailored to your needs.

Whether that be e-bike riding in Europe, keeping active on the walking track on the Sun Deck, a massage, or a skin treatment^.

When cruising in Europe and South East Asia with Scenic, you will have access to a range of truly all-inclusive health and wellness amenities. Our state-of-the-art gyms offer daily scheduled activities tailored to suit various fitness levels. Try your hand at a relaxing stretching class or workout in the gym. In Europe, breathe in the benefits of the innovative Salt Therapy Lounge on most Space-Ships (excluding Scenic Gem and Scenic Azure). 

From the most relaxed to the most active and everything in between, every itinerary takes into account your specific wellness needs so that you have complete control over customizing your wellbeing, your way. 

Your Wellbeing, Your Way in Europe

It’s more than wellness… it’s nourishing your mind, body and soul, your way. Dining, pampering, fitness - our Wellness Coach will help, guide and support you. 
Complimentary e-bikes
Explore the ports without straining your muscles or breaking a sweat on our complimentary e-bikes* (electronically assisted bicycles). Peddal yourself and keep fit or let your fun and environmentally friendly bike do the work for you. They are a fast, fun and eco-friendly way to get around. With very little effort, you can reach speeds of up to 30km/hr. Join city cycling tours or explore further afield with guided bike excursions. You could also chart your own course by using the Scenic Tailormade App* and set out on some self-guided exploration.
Salt Therapy Lounge
Scenic is the first and only river cruise company to feature a therapeutic Salt Therapy Lounge* on board its Scenic Space-Ships cruising Europe’s Rhine, Main and Danube rivers, the Bordeaux waterways and the Rhône and Saône rivers. Salt therapy is a form of alternative treatment inspired by medieval times, when the air inside salt caves was used to alleviate and cure respiratory illnesses. A Salt Therapy Lounge mimics the environment of a salt cave through a humidity and temperature-controlled room, handcrafted from salt bricks to create a micro-climate. The negatively charged salt ions bear a high kinetic energy that increases the efficacy of healing, improves respiration and skin conditions and boosts the immune system.
State-of-the-art gym and multi-purpose Sun Deck
On board your luxurious Space-Ship, our state-of-the-art gym offers scheduled activities with the Wellbeing Coach, tailored to suit various fitness levels. Try your hand at a gentle stretching class, or even the Five Tibetan Rites – a remarkable set of exercises believed to reverse the effects of ageing. Our expansive Sun Deck is the ideal place to take in the spectacular scenery while exercising on the walking track or taking a dip in the Vitality Pool*.
On board Wellness Area, spa and salon
Scenic’s on board spas are an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Guests can choose to treat themselves to a soul-soothing massage for an additional charge. With a range of therapies including aroma oil, Burmese and Thai massage, facial treatments, reflexology and nail services delivered by an expert therapist, you’ll find yourself spending several tranquil hours here.
Included Scenic Freechoice activities
With each new destination offering a wide range of fascinating sights and experiences, you can plan to use your time to do exactly what you want. The Scenic Freechoice activities recognize that each guest is unique and caters to three different paces each day – active, moderate and relaxed. You could hike to a glorious viewpoint, wander cobblestone streets or shop with a chef in the markets. You can be as active as you like. It’s your cruise holiday, your way.
Healthy dining options
Your meals, your way. All our menus feature healthy dining options, and you can personalise your order to your preferences. If you like to watch what you eat for health or medical reasons, our culinary team have an option for you. We also cater for special dietary requirements, from shellfish allergies (or anything else), lactose intolerance, celiac disease, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or simply your preference for certain foods.
Ergonomically designed beds
Rest and revitalize in premium comfort, as Scenic understands that one of the most critical contributors to a healthy mind and body is a good night’s sleep. Our ergonomic Scenic Slumber Beds provide 7-zone core comfort with high readjustment strength for excellent body and anatomical support, ensuring a blissful night’s sleep. There is highly sensitive foam on top, and a circulating AIR Wave® band for optimum ventilation. You can also pick a pillow of your choice from the pillow menu that offers everything from anti-aging and non-allergy to neck supporting and memory foam. Complemented by German-made light premium down duvet and 400 thread-count bed linen made out of the finest long staple cotton, it’ll be the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Your Wellbeing, Your Way on the Mekong River

Whatever wellness means to you, feel confident to tailor every moment on board Scenic Spirit to your needs.
The gym is equipped with the latest fitness equipment, to help with your exercise routine while you travel. Enjoy the use of internet-connected bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, free weights and resistance training equipment. For the ideal workout recovery and detox, head to the steam sauna or to freshen-up, head to the resort-style swimming pool.
Wellness Centre
The wonderfully relaxing spa in the Wellness Centre will iron out your travel weariness with a wide range of treatments^ curated to meet your specific needs. Try a deep tissue traditional Khmer massage or foot reflexology.
^Spa treatments additional cost.
Multi-purpose Sun Deck & Vitality Pool
Begin your day with a morning stretching class or Tai Chi on the Sun Deck. Let our wellness experts guide you through mindful meditation or soak up the warm sunlight during a stroll on the walking track. To cool down, head to the Vitality Pool for a refreshing dip.
Healthy dining options
On Scenic Spirit, the chefs focus on using fresh, locally sourced produce, seasoned with aromatic herbs from our on board herb garden which you will find on the Sun Deck. Our yogurts, jams, breads and more are homemade daily. For an infusion of wholesome goodness and freshly squeezed wellness, visit the on board juice bar where our culinary team will introduce you to a new exotic local fruit every day.
View our brochure, call our experts or contact your local Scenic Travel Advisor to learn more