Adventure Cruises

On board Scenic Eclipse, adventure cruises are redefined by unrivalled opulence and sumptuous luxury

When you take the Scenic route, you’re indulging in ultimate, all-inclusive luxury. On board the Scenic Eclipse fleet, our adventure cruises to faraway lands are beautifully punctuated by a tranquil, spacious environment that exudes elegant relaxation, usually reserved only for private superyachts.

Whether you’re drifting past the stark beauty of glaciers on the Northwest Passage on an Arctic expedition cruise or discovering the vibrant and mesmerising wildlife on an Antarctic Expedition cruise, you can return to your 6-star luxury Verandah Suite and choose from our range of delectable international eateries, restaurants and bars.

Scenic Eclipse’s polar adventure cruises are exclusively limited to just 200 guests, and the World’s First Discovery Yachts’ sleek design, ultra-modern build and safety rating of Polar Class 6 allows it to venture out into pristine waters, previously untouched by commercial travellers, to explore the furthest frontiers of planet Earth.

Two on board helicopters and a submarine built to dive 300 metres down into the Arctic and Antarctic oceans mean that our luxury adventure cruises are completely unique – they make long-held dreams of exploring unrivalled beauty a reality.

Scenic Eclipse’s on board Helicopters make the ultimate luxury adventure cruise a reality

Carefully-sourced from trusted, leading manufacturers internationally, our on board helicopters* have been specifically redesigned and customised for specialist use on board Scenic Eclipse’s adventure cruises.

With our bespoke helicopters at the ready, there is no limit to where we can go. Soaring high above majestic and mysterious locations, such as the Norwegian Fjords or the stunning Antarctic wilderness, Scenic Eclipse will always strive to go beyond the horizon in search of the most beautiful, most exclusive locations.

*Helicopter activities are weather permitting, may incur additional costs and are subject to availability.



Scenic Eclipse’s submarine can dive down to beautiful ecosystems

a man flying through the air while riding a snowboard
Glide past hydrothermal chimneys and marvel at the abundance of sea life these natural creations attract, experience the curious intrigue of history as you re-discover forgotten ship wrecks and catch a glimpse of the vibrant Antarctic Reef from Scenic Eclipse's on board submarine. When you're diving down to 300 metres, you'll uncover wonderful worlds of marine life, enigmatic ecosystems and a serene world that's usually off-limits for the ordinary traveller.

With space for 6 guests at a time, our submarine is housed in an ultra-safe 10cm-thick glass casing. The glass will give underwater adventurers an up-close encounter with the sublime otherworldly-beauty of the ocean's surroundings. Guests can also enjoy seats that swivel 180-degrees. for optimal viewing opportunities from both sides of the submarine.

The submarine is also equipped with an on board robot that can film and stream the submarine and ocean wildlife, sending videos up above to Scenic Eclipse.

               Luxury and adventure – the perfect partners

luxury adventure
Although you’ll be voyaging through lands of pristine beauty, uncovering awe-inspiring wildlife that only exists in the farthest reaches of Earth, your 6-star luxury will never be compromised.

Experience exquisite fine dining at Lumières, Scenic Eclipse’s on board French-style restaurant featuring tableside carvings and a world-class Champagne bar. Marvel at highly-skilled chefs as they take part in traditional, samurai cooking at Koko’s Teppanyaki & Sushi restaurant. Or if you fancy something a little different, why not take advantage of Yacht Club’s buffet-style selection or your very own 24-hour in-suite dining? When on board Scenic Eclipse, pure first-class indulgence is always just around the corner.

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