The Scenic Sixth Star Experience

Set to take you places previously thought inaccessible

Scenic has always sought to go beyond the horizon and with our helicopters, there is no limit to where we can go. Our seven-seat submarine and two helicopters will give you exclusive access to some of the world’s most spectacular and least visited locations.

Wake up to see icebergs floating past your suite’s verandah and spend your days exploring via kayak, Zodiac, helicopter and submarine. Every day will offer up a feast for your eyes, a parade of wildlife and a rare chance to witness a part of the world that has never felt human footfall.

Imagine flying low over the dramatic crags of the Scottish Isles, the volcanic wonders of Italy or the sparkling coral cays of the Caribbean.

Or, if you’ve always wanted to explore icy wonderlands, fly out across the pristine Lofoten Islands and Norwegian fjords, venture further than most on the Antarctic continent, or experience the thrill of landing on the ice in Greenland.

Beyond Adventure
Introducing one of the biggest innovations in ocean cruising, Scenic Eclipse will take you to places previously thought inaccessible, thanks to our on board helicopters and submarine. A whole new dimension of wonder is yours to explore, from above and below.
From Antarctica to the Caribbean, the Greek Islands to the Arctic, for an additional fee you’ll be able to enjoy a range of helicopter and submarine excursions and scuba diving experiences that will let you discover a whole new world.

Dive below

Explore the delights and mysteries of the deep on board Scenic’s seven-seat submarine. Custom-built for optimal sightseeing, an excursion into the wide blue sea will be truly unforgettable.

Unearth underwater ruins in Greece or explore kaleidoscopic coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat takes on a whole new dimension when you’re below the surface. Gasp in awe at the giant form of whales and their young in the crystal polar waters. The possibilities for wonder are endless

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Combining luxury, discovery and safety, Scenic Eclipse gives guests the opportunity to explore above and beyond what was previously imaginable. Experience unique moments that showcase the true nature, hospitality and wonder of the world. From local tours to Zodiac, kayak, snorkelling, scuba diving, helicopter and submarine excursions, enjoy exclusive access to locations larger ships can’t reach.
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