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Danube River Cruises Europe

The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe, flowing through 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With so many culturally-rich countries lined along its banks, sailing down the Danube makes for one astonishingly beautiful river cruise.
The history of the Danube is a rich and fascinating one. 2000 years ago, the Romans were in control of the Danube river banks, where trade and cultural exchange were an everyday occurrence. Prior to that, the Danube River was a highly-contested border, fought over for its lucrative trade route. While ownership of its river banks has continually changed, and new culture and architecture has emerged over the centuries to decorate its famous banks, the Danube River itself has remained a beautiful constant, a solid foundation amongst ever-changing scenery.

Many of our European river cruises use the Danube River to sail through different countries. Because the Danube flows across much of Central and Eastern Europe, our Danube river tours let you experience the very best of European culture.

Start your river cruise in Germany, a country renowned for its stunning medieval architecture and breathtaking castle-dotted landscape. Explore historic Nuremberg, where the Main Danube Canal travels through on its way to the Black Sea. Be the first to spot the grand architectural outlines of Vienna, Austria, widely regarded as the "City of Music,” because of its musical legacy.

Our Danube river cruises also stop in Budapest, Hungary, a city that has wholeheartedly embraced old traditions with the new, creating an infectious energy that encompasses you as you explore one of the oldest cities in Europe. And let's not forget about Prague - the capital city of the Czech Republic will no doubt be one of the highlights of your Danube river cruise. It's home to some of the most famous architectural wonders in the world and its historic beauty is a site to behold.

The countries that sit along the Danube River have managed to seamlessly blend the best of the old and new together, and may be the reason for Europe's unwavering popularity amongst travellers.

Get ready to be blown away by an up-close and personal tour of Europe's ultra modern landmarks and cultural achievements, along with its strongly-entrenched traditions and romantic architecture of centuries past. A cruise through Europe on the Danube River will render you speechless but leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. 

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